Ji-young Yoo in the first episode of Expats

Yoo had a naked sex scene in episode 1, but the only exposure is side-boob with nipple.

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Thanks to those who gave me the correct ID on the non-nude sex scene in episode two. It was NOT Nicole Kidman.

5 thoughts on “Ji-young Yoo in the first episode of Expats

    1. I report. You guys decide whether it is worth your time. There are many readers of the blog, and I can’t tailor the reporting to a minority, or even to the majority. I just try to be comprehensive, at least within reason. As I see it, knowing that the scene is NOT any good is very useful information. You know what to avoid, and that could save you time and effort.

      Personally, I was interested. I posted Ji-Young because she is topless in a big-budget production.

      1. Thanks! Exactly what I want from you, & elsewhere too.

        Yoo is cute. If I was gonna keep watching, she’d be a reason. Her sex scene took me off guard. In context, it fits with her busting out of her upbringing. As for the big-budget production, yup.

        Kidman swung for the fences her last couple projects, but struck out. I don’t think she’s bad at acting, but then maybe her ironed-flat face is too much to overcome, or maybe it just influences me to think so.

        1. I started to watch it, but I couldn’t get into this show. I ended up fast-forwarding through it. Sometimes things just don’t click with me. I couldn’t get into that Murder on the Lesbian Love Boat series either, AKA Death and Other Details. On the other hand, I am hooked on Monsieur Spade and the new season of True Detective.

          1. I like slow burners well enough that I don’t give up on stories that don’t click for me right away. When I’m given two episodes, I’ll binge them. So if they hit their stride, I’m still there. By the end of E2, I hoped the missing kid was dead. So, yeah, not gonna stick with that.

            I quit Only Murders after two seasons because the personalities overtook the plot & it became too repetitive in that way. Contrivance after contrivance & no forward momentum.

            Mandy has some chemistry with his partners in crime-solving. Nah, not enough to make Non-Bovine Details a great show. So I’m not exactly hooked. But I’m still watching.

            Trudy Tective, not gonna go there. Spade, I don’t like it, really, but I’m watching. Clive’s all right, & it has some of that grit that I liked in Mason. Well, I like Rhys’s pieces (acting scenes) better than Clive’s. I’m just unmotivated by the Spade character. And frankly, too much French story-telling style kinda turns me off.

            Sticking with a show isn’t recommending it, though. I don’t predict that my friends are all gonna like Spayed. Like I insisted they all watch The Expanse. Which advice they the-opposite-of-regretted taking. They’d had no clue before I told them. Same deal with Severance.

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