Joanne Pearce topless in Murder East Murder West (1990)

In case you missed the dialogue between me and “Uncle” in the other Joanne Pearce thread (Joanne Pearce naked in Way Upstream), the aforementioned “Uncle” happens to have a clip of this very rare scene from Murder East Murder West, an obscure 34-year-old TV movie. The quality is … well … I think “abysmal” is probably the right word, but as always happens in cases like this, it is the only version that we have, and therefore the best, so let’s enjoy it, because … good luck finding a better one! I don’t think this film was ever available in the States, and while there seems to have been a video tape release in the UK, I don’t know where you could find a copy today. Our only hope is that a UK channel might re-broadcast it, and that is probably a slim hope.

Here is Uncle’s film clip . You can stream it or download it. As far as I know, GoFile is completely safe.

It’s a very lively scene, so between the motion blur and the poor quality, it’s just about impossible to grab a decent frame from that clip. I grabbed the best two I could find, then shrunk them back to VHS size to make them sharper. At least you can identify Joanne and Jeroen Krabbe, and you can tell her nipples are erect. Crap indeed, but the best I could do.

image host image host

All thanks go to “Uncle” for this one.

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  1. Unfortunately the clip is from 2008 before many HD clips were about,
    as it probably come from a tape its better than some tranfers.

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