Julia Rayner and Jenny Pickering naked in Topsy Turvy (1999)

This film is a dramatization of the relationship between the famous writing/composing team of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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Johnny Moronic’s clips from this scene can be found here.

Tuna reviewed this one, and I agreed completely, so I merely seconded his opinion, which follows:

“Topsy-Turvy is a story about the making of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado. They had just had a near flop, and Gilbert proposed a libretto much like something they had already done. Sullivan refused to score it. The entire film is about the politics and process of creating and producing this operetta. I really wanted to like this film. I enjoy G & S; it won Oscars for Costume and make-up and was nominated for best art design and best set design; from the opening credits it was beautifully lit and photographed; and I have an interest in “behind the scenes” aspects of show business.

Unfortunately, despite great production values and good performances from all, I thought this 160 minute film would never end. I probably expected a plot, and instead got a history lesson (and one with a great deal of artistic license at that).”