Madonna dancing – WTF?

She was a good dancer in her day. Of course, she had to be nimble back then to evade the stonings.

She now seems to have lost some of the zip off her fastball, which is understandable for somebody who once partied with Caligula.

To be fair, this video is crap. She is elderly, but is much slimmer and more graceful than she appears here.

8 thoughts on “Madonna dancing – WTF?

  1. I’m just glad she’s been out of the limelight for years now. In the 80’s & 90’s she was everywhere; TV, radio, movies, magazines, books. I remember a crass, classless Letterman appearance in which she cursed non-stop just to make some naughty headlines, and an SNL show she hosted that is now recalled as one of the worst ever. For such a mediocre talent, her ego was wildly out of control. She pretty much ruled the world, and those of us who were sickened & repelled by her rampant shallowness couldn’t escape her. It was the same with Roseanne, and Michael & Janet Jackson.

    Madonna is the only one who faded away naturally, so she gets some credit. She played the whole thing out until her style was passé and no one cared anymore. I don’t mind at all that she’s still hanging around as a comedic, nutty senior desperately trying to stay relevant. I take some pleasure that she’s been an irrelevant joke for a long time, because when she was being taken seriously for so long, I was so frustrated that I had to see & hear this vapid, annoying, self-absorbed blowhard every day of my life. Bison Dele, the now-missing & presumed dead former basketball player, said the same thing. When they dated, he said she used to call him all the time and drone on strictly about herself. He’d pick up the phone and she’d already be talking; he’d hand the phone to his assistant, and half an hour later she’d still be babbling non-stop, not knowing or caring that he wasn’t even on the line.

    The others I mentioned did idiotic stuff that finally vanquished them by their own hand. MJ died, which was decent of him.

    1. Rather longgg post on how you basically don’t like Madonna …

      Hopefully you feel better! ✔

      1. Start breaking your anti-psychotic meds in half, son. Looks like your shrink isn’t paying the proper attention to your dosage.

  2. Whatever you might have thought of her music, Madonna had some talent, good business acumen, and worked her ass off when she performed. Pretty much the direct ancestor of Taylor Swift.

  3. I don’t think the problem is her dancing, I think the problem is that whatever she’s doing is supposed to pass as dancing in the first place. If that clip had been presented without context, I would have thought she was having a seizure or something.

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