Molly Parker and Alisha Klass naked in Center of the World (2001)

Molly Parker has always been a favorite of mine. Of course I like her willingness to do daring nudity, but I love her beautiful, seductive speaking voice.

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I don’t know who Alisha Klass is, but any woman who sticks a lollipop in her coochie on camera is OK by me. Given the names of some of her other films (like Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 1, 3 and 4), I’m taking a wild guess that she has done some other bawdy things on camera.

I wonder why she skipped Blue Ribbon Butt Fucks 2. By dropping out, she let Judi Dench score another award-winning role.

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All of the captures and collages above are from Johnny Moronic’s site. You can see his HD clips from this film here. That link also includes his 2023 year-end recap, featuring his top five Australian/New Zealand nude scenes for 2023.


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8 thoughts on “Molly Parker and Alisha Klass naked in Center of the World (2001)

  1. There is a likeable/fascinating/bizarre Canadian T.V show that aired for 13 episodes from 1998-2000 called Twitch City that starred Molly Parker and Don McKellar. I don’t know how well known Don McKellar is outside of Canada but he was one of the more interesting Canadian actors around that time (probably could be compared to Tim Robbins.)

    As IMDB puts it: Agoraphobic slacker manipulates his room-mates to avoid any responsibility while obsessively watching TV.

    1. I was really surprised that McKellar didn’t get more directing jobs. Last Night, which he wrote and directed, was a pretty cool film!

  2. Always thought Parker was gorgeous (gingers!) even tho remember being slightly disappointed in the nudity in her artsy necrophilia movie Kissed, this movie defintely made up for it

  3. I heard about BRBF2 – she had the early inside track, but she just had her regular butt make-up guy. At the last minute, Streep swooped in with a proctologist and her own personal rectum stretcher. She snaked the part out from under Klass. Maybe not too cool, but BRBF2 was the better for it. Streep raved about the on-set experience, but BRBF3 conflicted with Kramer v. Kramer, she had to bail.

    1. She was also trying to position herself as the Vin Diesel of the BRBFCU, by stepping away for a film to make her return in the third all that more exciting to the fans.

  4. Klass was a very popular porn actress. Specialized in anal. Wound up in a relationship with one primary producer of it, to the extent that she got a tramp stamp that said “Property of Seymour Butts” at one point. Guess they broke off their engagement and she got a cover up.

    She’s over 50 now, so I’m assuming her porn days are over.

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