Not a great lawyer, but … she has some assets

I’m fairly sure that if Biden needs a lawyer, he will try to hire the best one, even if he or she looks like Clint Howard. There’s probably not much of a relationship between beauty and ability in this field. As I recall, Clarence Darrow was never mistaken for Cary Grant.

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9 thoughts on “Not a great lawyer, but … she has some assets

  1. She was prettier before she started styling herself to look like Ivanka. But that’s what turns Trump on.

  2. Only the best people! 😛 Interesting all these best people, like Haley etc etc etc who are now turning against him, are now scum of the earth! 😮

    Yin/yang lol ~ lemmings to the sea. Apologies to lemmings.

    And so it goes …

  3. I can only imagine that Alina was hand picked by Trump himself – probably following some kind of ‘Miss Legal Representative’ pageant.

    Honestly, a fake lawyer for Mr ‘Fake News’ himself is somewhat poetic…

  4. Habba recently said in an interview that she would rather be pretty than smart, “because at least you can fake being smart,” a statement which, in her case, is verifiably false

  5. Her stomach must contain a singularity. Everything is bending in towards it.
    How powerful!

    Seriously, the lengths the far-right will go to fetishise their “heroes” never ceases to amaze.

    1. Not only that, but everything around and in front of her goes blurry because of all that hotness.

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