Revisiting a famous Ali MacGraw nip-slip

Actress Ali MacGraw with a great big nipple slip in 1979!

4 thoughts on “Revisiting a famous Ali MacGraw nip-slip

  1. I clearly remember once seeing Goodbye Columbus on VHS. As I recall, she jumps out of bed naked, dashes into the shower, comes out of the shower with her robe on, sits down on the floor against the bathroom door and talks to Richard Benjamin. There is a small table in the foreground. I clearly remember that the table wasn’t there in the version I saw and for a brief moment, you had an unobstructed view up her robe to her privates! VHS isn’t ideal. If anyone can find stills from the film, that would be such a gift to mankind!

    1. This would be sad if true. Someone said that Sissy Spacek’s bush was shown in the shower scene in Carrie, but was removed from cable and VHS versions. I notice there does seem to be a large bar of soap that seems strangely out of place blocking the view now. It appears these atrocities have happened. It also makes me wonder about PJ Soles in that shower scene as she is completely nude as she walks towards the camera, but a lot of fog makes things barely visible. I wonder if the fog was added later to censor it out.

      1. Reminds me of one other atrocity. In Sam Whiskey, Angie Dickinson pops up in bed topless to show most of her amazing tits. There is just one little black bar of the bed frame covering her nipple. Apparently the black bar is not real and was not in the European version. If you look at the black bar now, it most certainly does look drawn in later to cover her nipple. I do not know of any European versions of this movie being available and it may be lost to history.

    2. That was also done with Amanda Peet in The Whole Nine Yards. I’ve read both that it was at the insistence of the producer or at the insistence of Amanda Peet.

      Alice Eve’s nude scene in Crossing Over was also significantly edited, but that’s not the same thing.

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