Ron DeSantis drops out and endorses Donald Trump

This is shocking. Ron DeSantis was running for President? I just thought he was taking that long-coveted Iowa vacation.

He collected more than $100 million in his war chest, and visited every nook and cranny of Iowa, only to find out that he had no prayer. Expensive lesson. 99% of the people in America would have told him that for free. I wonder what he thought his path would be, given that he wouldn’t take a position against the guy he was supposedly opposing. He never really gave anyone a good reason to vote for him instead of Trump. And of course, he has approximately zero charisma or charm. He makes Steven Wright seem energetic and engaging. Who is the most drab, charisma-challenged presidential candidate you can think of? Perhaps John Kerry? In a world of DeSantises, John Kerry would seem like a combination of Reagan and JFK.

There is a silver lining for him: he never quit his day job. Denied the chance to screw up the country, he promised that he would rededicate himself wholeheartedly to screwing up Florida.

51 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis drops out and endorses Donald Trump

  1. I find it amusing when people talk about how great GOP led states are, when the top ten states with the highest infant mortality rates are all GOP led, six out of the top 10 with the worst literacy rates are GOP led, nine out of ten with the highest teen birth rates are GOP led, seven out of ten with the highest suicide rate are GOP led, the 8 states with the lowest life expectancy are GOP led, and 9 out of ten states with the highest maternal mortality rates are GOP led.

    It’s almost like living in a GOP led state is bad for your health.

    1. You must be one of those woke commies who thinks things like “facts” and “health” are important.

      1. Yeah! Remember what Homer Simpson said: “Facts, shmacts! You can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.”

  2. The sigh of relief from the left is palpable. This guy would have destroyed Biden in a general election.

    1. Hey palpate my sigh of relief all you want, but it’s more about never having to hear that bitch-ass robot voice spew a bunch of focus-group-tested blather again. Don’t let the door smack you on the back of the neck on your way out, you elf.

  3. Ron Desantis thought he was the guy Fox News said he was. The GOP left it to the voters to tell him what we all knew. You’re not that guy

    1. I’m annoyed he didn’t actually quit his day job to run as required by Florida law. Another example of the rules don’t apply to the GOP

  4. I would have been OK with DeSantis as the GOP nominee, and I think he would have likely done a good job as president. He has been a very good governor all things considered, with the exception of his war against Disney and Free Speech. But my first choice for president was always Nikki Hailey. She is a principled conservative and is almost certainly the most electable. At least now it is down to her and Trump, and all of the GOP voters who don’t want Trump (i.e., the sane ones) can all vote for Hailey. I think it is still a long shot. Trump won’t be the nominee, but a 2-person race is her best shot.

    In the Election Odds discussion playgroundpsychotic objected to my statement that conservatives are more supportive of First Amendment rights siting Florida as evidence. But I was actually contrasting conservatism with MAGA because the MAGA movement isn’t conservative, DeSantis was trying to woo Trump supporters by waging a culture war. I think he was wrong to do that and that is a large part of the reason that Hailey has always been my first choice. Now she is our last chance. It may be a lost cause with Trump’s poll numbers, but as Jefferson Smith said, “Sometimes lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.”

    1. “She is a principled conservative”

      Yeah, it’d bring America back to what it used to be, where general elections consisted of a communist (read: liberal) imperialist who worships israel, or a fascist (read: neo-con) imperialist who worships israel.

    2. DeSantis is a very poor governor.

      He’d rather shout about identity politics while his state crumbles around him. Disney got him elected in the first place and then he picks a fight with them? Instead of working with them his ego demanded he pick a fight and he’s been costing the state ever since. At least his lawyer friends are racking in the money defending his shit.

      Florida is a first and foremost a taker state. It makes its money from tourism and providing “health” care to old people. If medicare disappeared so would Florida’s economy. Its almost entirely supported by other states.

      Furthermore, loudly proclaiming you’re for Free Speech doesn’t make you believe in Free Speech. I can’t remember a time when the GOP or their followers actually believed in it.

    3. Yeah, more of this puke. You’re hopeless. Proof that the only good Conservative is a dead one. I mighta still been one. But that me is dead, too.

    4. (“the MAGA movement isn’t conservative”)


      The core point of Maga is protecting America from crime & terrorism from outsiders while focusing on America/capitalism rather than interventionism/globalism. How is that not conservative?

      1. Yep. Make America Great Again. That’s conservatism.

        Remember this, Michael, as you mumble under your breath that conservatism is this one thing in this little corner over here. Conservatives long before Newt were already grabbing whatever soiled underwear touched their hands in the hamper to throw against the wall & see what stuck. You believed some of what they spouted was principle that you could adopt to feel good about your own beliefs. The truth is, they didn’t believe any of this stuff. They espoused it as it suited their purposes.

    5. Michael, I have a hard time rooting for any Republican or for that matter, any conservative. I wanted to know more about the conservative program for America, so I looked up “Project 2025” on Wikipedia.

      Personally, I don’t think I would care for that program, but the Heritage Foundation thinks it’s peachy, and who’s more conservative than they are?

      1. Now, Roger, the spoils system has always worked well for us in the past. This is just a return to what made the country … well … maybe not great, but somewhat above average in the 19th century.

        Repeal the Pendleton Act, I say!

  5. Yea thats why 100k are fleeing the most expensive failing blue states to move to Florida (and Texas).

    Instead of shutting down his state, locking people up, destroying businesses etc with what is now confirmed bullshit, he actually read and understood the science and made informed decisions.

    While everyone else was shut in, his state was thriving.

    What an idiot.

    BTW, we’re a Constitutional Republic, not a “democracy”. Parrot MSDNC some more.

    1. “We’re a Constitutional Republic, not a ‘democracy.'”

      Yes, I hear poorly educated guys say this all the time. Apparently our schools no longer show kids how to use a dictionary. (Maybe that’s the real reason Florida wants to ban them.)

      That’s the same as saying “it’s a Toyota, not a car.”

      There are many forms of democracy, of which a constitutional republic is one.

      From Webster, for example:

      Democracy: “A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.”

      1. @UncleScoopy is right, though it should be noted that while US (like most other countries in the west) are democracies, democracy under capitalism is by its very nature an oligarchy. This is especially the case given education is shaped by billionaires, and media owned by them, but also become money dominates every aspect of election, then there’s legalized corruption (lobbying), etc.

        This is even worse in some parts of Europe, since if they make “democratic” choices that don’t align with foreigners who own their industries, the investments collapse, companies withdraw, and color revolutions are engineered through foreign funded NGOs until the “choice” they made is overturned in favor of whatever billionaires prefer.

        As with most values, concepts, and ideals, how they exist in actuality among humans is vastly different from their existence in abstraction.

    2.’re an id@#$. There is considerable evidence that DeSantis fudged the COVID numbers in Florida to hide COVID fatalities there.

    3. You say “what is now confirmed bullshit” for COVID restrictions, may I ask for some links to where things have indeed been confirmed bullshit by reputable scientific sources?

      1. I believe there’s Newsmax and the Florida Surgeon General, and that guy down at the Rusty Nail Tavern.

        (No, not the big guy. It’s the one who’s always in the third stool. He says a Johns Hopkins study told him so. He heard it from Bill Maher.)

  6. The inability of both the Democratic and Republican Parties to come up with viable Presidential candidates younger than about 80 is something I don’t understand. I can’t come up with any convincing explanation. It’s not like we had a war that wiped out a generation. Does anyone think they know why?

    1. As the Baby Boomers continue to age, so have their political candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both 69 when they were running in 2016, the same age Reagan was in 1980. I do wonder if Gen-X will ever have a President of their own generation.

      1. Just a quick note: Trumpo is a baby boomer, but Joe Biden is not. He was born less than a year after Pearl Harbor, and is a member of The Silent Generation. After four consecutive boomer Presidents, we somehow decided that we needed somebody more mature.

        Clinton was first elected more than 30 years ago, but Biden is quite a bit older! (Bush, Clinton and Trump are almost exactly the same age. Obama is younger, of course.)

          1. Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa. John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Ray Davies, Pete Townshend, Mick & Keef, etc. One hell of a Silent Generation fer shur.

    2. If America is still a democracy in 2028, there are a lot of younger candidates around. Many Democratic Party supporters if not their insiders (I’m not a Democratic Party insider) look especially to the ‘Midwest’ Democratic governors: Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Tim Walz in Minnesota, Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania and even J,B Pritzker in Illinois and maybe even Tony Evers in Wisconsin.

      I take Ryan’s point about aging baby boomers supporting candidates who’ve aged along with them, but I think Trump vs Biden age wise is nothing more than a meaningless statistical blip.

      1. For the record, Tony Evers is an old coot. Although he is a little bit younger than Trump and Biden, he appears very frail. His voice is weak, and he looks like he can barely walk.

        That’s not to say he’s a bad governor. Wisconsin has a budget surplus, and Evers was re-elected by a healthy margin in a state with a GOP legislature (although that’s heavily gerrymandered). But the point is that he seems ancient.

        1. Ah, Evers actually is older than I thought. Well, cross him off. The others were always more likely though. I didn’t mention other, more coastal Democratic governors though like Gavin Newsom in California, Maura Healey in Massachusetts, Wes Moore in Maryland, Phil Murphy in New Jersey and, if you want to consider him coastal, Jared Polis in Colorado.

          For other ‘midwestern’ governors though I left out Andy Beshear in Kentucky.

          I’m not sure where Roy Cooper in North Carolina would come in.

          And, those are just the governors. So, of course they’ll all humans so you can poke holes into everyone of them, but I think there are a lot of relative attractive younger Democratic politicians out there. President Biden I think is the anomaly and not the future of politics.

          However, from some of the websites I go to, there does appear to be some kind of a, not West Coast vs. East Coast rap battle, but a coastal vs ‘middle’ battle for control of the Democratic Party.

      2. I think of 2028 much the way I do the fate of the universe. Neither can be marked to market till they get here. We’re learning about the early universe, & that’s moot, too. But a lot that we can figure out now in cosmology won’t even be detectable to intelligent beings a few billion years from now. To me that’s a reason to consider it meaningful… in contrast with 2028.

        For that matter, democracy is already looking increasingly like yet another failed experiment.

    3. I think part of it must be the sheer lack of appeal. Partisanship has long been a part of US politics, but in recent years extremism has become far more prevalent. As recently evidenced with Hunter Biden, becoming President these days essentially exposes your entire family to the full scrutiny of the opposing party.

      I can scarcely imagine a time in decades past where members of Congress would openly display private nude images of a President’s offspring just to generate friction. And given that’s the climate of the modern political system, who could honestly say they’d want to put their family through that? Especially when you’ll likely be hated by half of the country regardless of what you do…

      1. Indeed. Look at Mike Pence. First half of the country hated him, then the rest of them wanted to hang him. That’s what politics does to people. If he had become a law professor, he probably would have been considered a beloved, kindly older fella.

        Even the flaky Woody Harrelson said that he really liked the guy when they were youthful buds. Those two guys are about as different as two can be, but they got along well as long as politics didn’t get in the way.

        Oddly, the “hate the other tribe” mentality so prevalent in national politics doesn’t seem so vitriolic in state politics. There are highly popular Republican governors in blue states, and highly popular Democratic governors in red states.

        (Vermont and Kentucky come to mind.)

        1. I didn’t hate the Republicans until they became hateful. The Clinton impeachment was a travesty, for example. So was Bush the Younger passing a help-the-rich tax cut while spending like a drunken sailor after 9/11/01. So yes, I totally agree with Adam T. about “both sides are bad” being wrong.

          Of course, the Republicans feel that the Watergate investigation that caused Nixon to resign was a travesty too. The thing about that, they are wrong, and whining about JFK or FDR does not change that.

        2. (“Indeed. Look at Mike Pence. First half of the country hated him, then the rest of them wanted to hang him”)

          Only 2000 people entered the capitol on Jan 6th, the vast majority of them did not actually intended to murder anyone. 75 MILLION voted for Trump. The idea that half of Maga let alone half of conservatives let alone half the country want to murder Pence is respectfully deranged beyond belief dude.

          1. Not deranged, just figurative. Obviously I don’t think all liberals hate him, and I don’t think all Republicans have tuned on him and want him dead.

            The point is that he had already lost liberals, who considered him Trump’s lap dog. He then lost the MAGA crowd, who considered him their Judas, disloyal to their lord and savior, and the reason why Trump is not currently in the White House. He tried to muster a Presidential campaign, but the number of people left in his camp turned out to be a tiny one indeed.

            I do think that most sane Americans admire the man for placing loyalty to America above loyalty to the Cuckoo Clockwork Orange.

            As I’ve said many times, if anyone can’t distinguish literal speech from figurative expressions, hyperbole, put-ons, jokes, and ironic claims, then this is not the website for them.

      2. Sure this makes it even more partisan, but only one political party did that. I reject this ‘both sides are equally bad’ lazy and mindless false equivalence.

        Of course, it isn’t hard to find examples or anecdotes of Democrats doing horrible things as well, but the Republican Party is much worse/extreme than the Democratic Party.

        An example of this in terms of ability to govern is to look at what Nancy Pelosi was able to accomplish as Speaker versus what the Republicans have accomplished despite both having the exact same numbers in their caucus.

        Another example is the clear evidence that House Republicans are actively trying to prevent new border legislation in order to campaign on ‘Biden ruined the border’ in November, and are spreading lies about Biden ‘committing treason’ with what’s going on at the border.

        However much one might dislike the border situation, Biden is constrained by present legislation and border patrol/Homeland Security are enforcing the law as it’s currently written.

        For Biden to do anything else would be a violation of the law if not unconstitutional.

    4. The GOP would have almost certainly come up with a younger candidate, likely DeSantis or Hailey if Donald Trump wasn’t running or wasn’t as popular with GOP voters.

    5. I still think one of the best hopes on the left is “Mayor Pete”. He’s incredibly bright. And bright enough to recognize his civil rights record doesn’t look great and to focus on that when campaigning.

      The problem is that Biden was SUPPOSED to be a one and done. Serve his purpose of “normalizing” things and set the table for the next one.

      But somehow the near sightedness struck again. And it seems to do so repeatedly for both parties. DeSantis, as goofy as he is, is much more electable (especially to conservatives who aren’t in the MAGA camp) than Trump. If they had impeached Trump, they would have tethered the beast they let loose to win.

      Maybe I’m way off base, but I just don’t see how he can win now when he couldn’t in 2020? Is Fox painting things so dire with the state of the country that they can win back sane thinking conservatives who see what a liability he is?

      I’m genuinely asking this question.

      1. If you ignore the polling (and I think you should) then the answer is relatively obvious: He (TFG) cannot win. Especially since the Rs have decided that overturning Roe was their Golden Moment, instead of the actuality of “dog catches car, confusion ensues”.

        The polling numbers are, now more than they have ever been, complete and utter bollocks. One generation (X) is underrepresented, and two VOTING generations are almost completely absent (Z and Y). They (Z & Y) DO NOT ANSWER ‘Unknown Caller” calls, or if they do, hang up IMMEDIATELY when it’s a poll/robot/etc.

        And let’s be blunt: MAGA’s are now, more than ever, the minority of ACTUAL voters. And TFG continues, daily, to ensure that Independents want nothing to do with him.

        1. I agree that polling is increasingly unreliable, & that pollsters’ methods of compensating for the added uncertainty are less effective than ever before. I’m not paying much attention to them, both for this reason, & because a lot can happen in the better part of a year.

          OTOH, while a lot of Americans have a big mouth, there’s a performative component to any public expression. There are always ulterior motives of which wisdom consists in keeping one’s counsel to oneself. One of these that looms large for me is that I believe many people are waking up to the nature of fairness. Namely, that unexpected new twists are naturally unfair to the existing order of things.

          Wherever regulation stands in the way of progress, its justification is this natural unfairness. This is the big reason Americans are opposed to regulation. But there’s still residual guilt over the unfairness. Since many Americans build their lives around waiting at the winning end of unfair transactions.

          That’s why conservatives fear liberals acquiring real power. In pursuit of making life fairer for all, liberals will make advantage harder to hold onto for the present-day winners. The more powerful, ie, wealthy, people in our society are inherently against the common good. That’s what tilts the playing field. And, that’s not gonna change in the better part of any one year.

      2. To Mattflix’s genuinely asked question: It isn’t that Trump couldn’t win in 2020. He just didn’t. But it was a close race. It’d only be a small perturbation for it to have gone the other way. Trump doesn’t have to win back conservatives, sane or not. He just needs them to not defect to Biden & then the race will be close, again. They won’t defect in much greater numbers than in 2020, I don’t think.

        Back in my bridge days, we’d say “Play to make.” As in, make our contract. We meant play the hand as if any unknown cards were right where we need them for us to reach our bid. Politicking consists largely in proclaiming you’re gonna win against all odds. When it happens, you were right. When you’re wrong, you were cheated. Fox News wants to discredit the libs. It says nothing about how strongly they believe they will win. They’re playing their cards as if they can.

    1. Florida Ted Cruz is a very smart man who also has a monstrous ego that blinds him to his own shortcomings.

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