ScarJo – fully nude and (maybe) some labia in Under the Skin (2014)

A 4K look is quite revealing. When she bent over, she did not get her cheeks far enough apart to offer a Full Heche, but you may find something even more interesting! (Or she may be wearing a modesty patch.) Good on ya, ScarJo!

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And then there was this …

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Y’all picked this as the #4 nude scene of the millennium, although it was shockingly only the second-best nude scene of 2014. (That shows you how good the best scene was.)

12 thoughts on “ScarJo – fully nude and (maybe) some labia in Under the Skin (2014)

  1. She got Daddarioed! I personally find it more of a thrill to see a famous actress naked in a theater with people (Under the Skin didn’t get a big release, but it was one of the early A24 movies) than on a TV show, but to each their own

  2. Would have to disagree with the word “shockingly” here. ScarJo was Alydar that year, but AlexDD was Secretariat (I know, I know, I’m mismatching the years).

    1. “Shockingly” meaning that it’s a shock that such a scene from such a big star could possibly finish second ever. In other words, if you don’t know the context, your reaction is shock – “How could that possibly not be the best scene of any year?”

      Once you know the context, it’s certainly no shock that Daddario won, since that is one of the greatest nude scenes of all time in a mainstream production, if not THE greatest, although the vote was pretty close, because … ScarJo fully naked.

      Another shocking thing, absent context, is that Daddario only got about 29% of the vote that year, thanks to the stiff competition. Put her in 2008, and she breaks the Katie Holmes record.

  3. Tally me in the Modesty Patch column.

    There’s one front view where it looks like there’s no patch & apparently anatomical detail in silhouette.

    ISTR immediate reactions full of imagination & exaggeration describing her mound as shaved, &c. As if we needed a simplistic explanation of why we couldn’t make out details. I assume bc reasons like unfavorable lighting, lens filters, low res source, crap caps, &c, were somehow unacceptable.

    Same damn far-fetched conspiracy theory speculations played out again with No Hard Feelings. No one waits for better information. They only want credit for being the first to suss out the “truth”.

    The few who expressed willingness to wait, seemed to think looking at crappy low-res caps from a 4k source was gonna settle everything. There’s no such thing as common sense anymore. Everyone wants easy answers, instantly.

    1. Indeed, the Fappening ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Sept/Oct/Nov (xmas cumin’ early ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ™‚) ~ ten yr anniversary Aug 2024. โ˜‘๏ธ

      btw, first two leaks ~ Jlaw/Kate Upton ~ digressing …

  4. To me this was a big deal. To most young men, ScarJo was best known as Black Widow, and we were seeing her completely naked while at the pinnacle of her popularity. This isn’t like Jennifer Lawrence doing the nude fight scene a decade after her breakout role in Hunger Games.

    What a year that was, for her to only get #2 that year. But you can’t argue with who won…

    1. In our “Best of the Millennium” poll, 2014 had three of the top seven performances.

    2. Just to emphasize the point, the significance of this movie would be as if Lynda Carter did a full-frontal nude scene between seasons of Wonder Woman. Or Carrie Fisher doing it between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (although she did do an EUF scene in Under the Rainbow). Both were at the height of their popularity, as was ScarJo (arguably).

      1. “EUF” scene???? What the hell is an “EUF” scene? Google was no help unless you are turned on by the European University Foundation. Help!

        A bit above, someone used the acronym “ISTR”. That was new to me also but I was able to decode it into “I seem to recall.”

        But EUF is a puzzlement.

        1. “unless you are turned on by the European University Foundation”

          Mmm, yeah, that’s the stuff!

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