Shirley MacLaine almost naked in Irma La Douce (1963)

Nobody was getting naked in American films from mid-1935 through 1962, but Shirley MacLaine came about as close as a mainstream American actress dared to in that era. There was obviously a pent-up market for this racy fare. If my memory is correct, this shattered the record for the longest movie run in my rather provincial home town of Rochester, NY.

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(Way back in 2001, I wrote extensively of the film here.)

9 thoughts on “Shirley MacLaine almost naked in Irma La Douce (1963)

  1. I’d noticed how Shirley got almost naked quite often very early on. I wonder if she was tapped to do it by Hollywood or it just happened that way. I’ve read that Hollywood wanted those beach blanket bingo movies in the early 60s to get US audiences used to women in bikinis. They figured if people saw Annette Funicello dressed like that then they would see it as ok. I wonder if they thought Shirley would do the same for onscreen nudity by getting people prepared. They may have thought Shirley was a safer choice than someone sexier like Ann-Margret or Angie Dickinson.

    1. BTW, Jane Wyatt did get a little naked in Lost Horizon in 1937 long distance though it may be. She looked beautiful in that movie, too bad we don’t get a better look.

      1. Per IMDB, a body double: “The California State Censor Board insisted on having two signed affidavits from Columbia that the model doubling for Jane Wyatt in her nude bathing scene had her breasts covered. The affidavits were duly supplied though the model in question apparently was indeed bare-breasted, though as the scene is in long shot it’s virtually impossible to tell.”

  2. She also had some pretty skimpy scenes with Paul Newman in “What a Way to Go!” including splashing around in a tub.

    1. Think the studios were sweating from competition from foreign films back then – the snooty types may have been going for Art, but most of them were going to see Bardot’s bare derriere – & girl-next-door-looking Shirley was their cover to push the envelope
      Scoop, believe her only real nudity was early 70s breasts in bed, Desperate Characters?

  3. In the last screen capture, is that a weird bra, or is she wearing cones on her breasts?

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