Sofia Vergara and others in Griselda (new series)

Aurora Cassio in episode 2

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Natalie Masini in episode 5

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Sofia Vergara in episode 3 (non-nude)

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Sofia Vergara’s character in episode 3.

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I don’t know whether Sofia did her own sex scene. My working hypothesis is that it is a body double, but even if it is she, there is nothing visible except a large breast in the shadows.

5 thoughts on “Sofia Vergara and others in Griselda (new series)

  1. I think Sofia did her own thing. She is an amazing actress and there is nothing wrong with her doing a sex scene, and if she had a double then does it matter? I think not. Sofia Is a beautiful and gorgeous woman and delicious from head to toe.

  2. Is there a minimum cup-size for ladies who appear on this show?

    Hmmm… that the plot of the show? Big busted women form a support group for ladies who feel oppressed because they have large breasts?

    If not, there should be a show like that, no?

  3. “A large breast in the shadows” sounds like its from the synopsis of the best horror movie ever.

    1. Also a good line from for Chapter Two of “Trouble On My Agenda,” which I don’t have time to write at the moment. The working chapter title is “Abreast of the Situation.”


      “My father is …”

      “Can the first course, sister, and get to the meat. I know who Pierre Troublé is. You probably think I can’t pony up two cents for the newspaper, and you’re right, but every once in a while the newsie tosses me a week-old freebie from the unsold bin. Some days I catch a break, and some Wall Street mug leaves his Times on a park bench. Then I get to read today’s paper instead of last Tuesday’s.”

      Everyone knew about Pierre Troublé. He owned half of the city. When he wasn’t ejecting renters from his tenements, he was donating millions to medical charities, some say to salve his conscience. He saved lives and ruined them. Some say the score was about even.

      “I don’t think I understand your humor, Mr. Agenda.”

      “Could be because I wasn’t kidding. If I did have the Times, I’d have to use it to cover the holes in my shoes. What made you think I was kidding about being broke? Was it the obvious signs of my wealth, like my gold and crystal chandelier?” I pointed to the naked bulb above my head.

      “If you can keep me out of a coffin, Mr. Agenda, I think I can keep you out of the poor house.”

      I had to admit her case suddenly moved up to the top of my in-box, or at least it would have if I had an in-box. Or any other cases. The Troublés had a train-load of dough, and if I could find a few an honest bucks onboard, I could see myself riding to the end of the line. I told her I was all ears and she started to spin her yarn. I saw her lips moving, but since she was still standing away from the light, and I had taken more than a whiff from my bottle, my gaze fixed on a large breast in the shadows. I realized that I hadn’t heard a word. I needed to look her in the eyes.

      “Listen, sister, this place may not be the Ritz, or wherever a dame like you parks her keister, but even a mug on the nut can pony up a few bits for a decent chair. Why not come over here and take a load off? Don’t cost nothin’.”

      1. That’s excellent, and I look forward to reading it. The only thing I would change is “where a dame like you parks her seat.” I would make it “where a dame like you parks her keister”. But I read a lot of 1930’s fiction, and I think the last person to actually use the word keister was Ronald Reagan, so yours is probably the way to go.

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