About a decade ago she had breast reduction surgery. Per Wikipedia: “She was shocked after walking down the red carpet to see the photos the next day and ‘every headline be about my cleavage.'”

And yet here we are, about a decade later, and … look at the headline above. The cleave is once again impressive.

I suppose there’s not much else to write about since I haven’t seen her in anything since Modern Family went off the air. I never watched that celebrity astronaut show, which was basically Dancing With the Stars, except without the dancing and the stars. I couldn’t get excited to watch McLovin and some Willis offspring pretend to live on Mars.

I did read that Ariel thought it wasn’t a fair competition because another entrant, Lance Armstrong, was a real astronaut.

Everyone knows the guy on the moon was really Stretch Armstrong.

If there really was a guy on the moon.

If the moon is even a real thing, and not a hologram projected from a secret base in the desert.