The request was to find an open-matte version of Sweet Revenge. I was not able to find one, but the back issues contained some captures from the VHS version, which does appear to be the full camera frame.

Here’s a frame of Michele Little from the VHS:

image host

And here’s the same frame from the MGM-HD version (I cropped the sides):

image host

Unfortunately, the extra info in the open matte version doesn’t seem to do us any good because it is on the top. While the different versions seem to have the same amount of nudity, it’s interesting to note the difference. When they produced the widescreen HD version, the re-framing cut off the tops of heads in this scene, but left useless footage of water on the bottom.


As for the rest of the captures, here’s Michele Little in her only nude scene:

image host image host image host

Here is a brief look at Gina Gershon:

image host

And here are both of them running into the water:

image host image host


Michele Little left the industry in 1999 and has never returned. The most recent pic I could find was snapped in 2019. That photo also pictures her daughter, actress Harper Cullen.