AKA “The Angel Maker”

The pitch:

“Detective Laura has been on sick leave after suffering from postpartum depression, but when she and her partner become involved in a case concerning a sadistic serial killer, it becomes increasingly clear that she herself is hiding a dark secret.”

Bella Norup

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Carla Marie Clausen

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Julie R Olgaard

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Linnea Olivia Belfrage

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AKA “Guardians of the Formula”

One reviewer noted:

“Filmmaker Dragan Bjelogrlic’s startling, intense and powerful new drama, Guardians of the Formula, could make for a companion piece to this year’s mega-hit, Oppenheimer. Alexis Manenti is the movie’s central star and the actor delivers a terrifically complex performance that helps drive Guardians of the Formula. Manenti portrays Dr. Georges Mathé, a knowledgeable man of character who is challenged immensely when three Yugoslav physicists and their distinguished professor, Dragoslav Popovic (Radivoje Bukvic) are exposed to lethal radiation while working on a top secret project involving nuclear weapons.”

Alise Radakovic

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Anne Serra

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Maja Campari

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Depressing scene. She commits suicide by walking naked into the frozen ocean, ever farther from shore until the ice can no longer support her.

Warning: It could be a body double. When her face is in the frame, the camera goes no lower than her shoulders. When the nudity begins, she already has her back to the camera.

But for you completists:

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Mia’s scheming, self-pitying, narcissistic character was unpopular with viewers, and she was given less to do each year. She had only this one topless scene in season three, and none in season four, so this concludes the Mia Kirshner portion of Tuna’s series on seasons 1-4 of The L Word.

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Tomorrow we start on Leisha Hailey.

An uncensored still photograph is floating around:

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I doubt that the pic is legit. It seems pretty obvious that it is a colorized version of this:

image host

The color pic shows various tell-tale signs of having been colorized. According to the TMZ tape, her boa doesn’t seem to have that pinkish hue, and her overalls are a completely different color. The color version also includes an unexpected orange streak in her hair, some improbable blue and green artifacts, and other color bleeding.

(I still haven’t seen an uncensored version of that tape, by the way.)

So the color pic seems to be bogus. Assuming the original is in B&W, the question then becomes, “Which B&W version is the original?” Was the censored B&W created by adding bars to the above uncensored original, which is now mysteriously turning up from an unidentified source? Or was the uncensored version above created by ‘shopping the censored version?

My verdict is that the uncensored version is a fake created from the censored one. Notice that the dark vertical shadow through her right breast seems to be interrupted right where the black censorship bar used to be. If that were the original, the shadow would be continuous.

The breasts and nipples in the “uncensored” B&W do seem to match the Leggero nudes that Celeb Stalker has assembled. We have to admit that at least the ‘shopper did his homework! This probably looks very similar to the real uncensored version.

Any other thoughts?