Tuna’s overview of Mia Kirshner in the L Word ended yesterday. The focus shifts to Leisha Hailey, beginning with s1e8:

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Leisha also did some nudity in the sequel series, Generation Q. Eighteen years separate these two scenes! Season one of The L Word, pictured above, came out in 2004. Season three of Generation Q, linked earlier in this paragraph, came out in 2022!

Johnny Moronic says: “The movie seems to be only available as a bootleg workprint. The version I have has no tail credits and a timecode. Better than nothing I guess.”

VHS captures.

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Unless you are Australian you have probably never heard of this film. Even if you are Australian, you may never have heard of it unless you are a major film buff, but it played a role in the history of Aussie filmmaking.

As Miles Ago points out, “Although it was a critical and commercial failure at the time of its release and has rarely been seen since, Two Thousand Weeks (aka 2000 Weeks) was a landmark for the Australian film industry, since it was the first all-Australian feature film to gain a mainstream cinema release in Australia since 1958.”

It represented the first film of Tim Burstall, who began his career with a dream of being a respected auteur. When this heartfelt artistic film bombed, he did a 180 and started to produce audience-pleasing junk films like Alvin Purple, a notorious sex farce.

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