Fiorenza D’Antonio in episode 3

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Fiorenza D’Antonio in episode 5

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Fiorenza D’Antonio in episode 6

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She is a beauty. Fiorenza D’Antonio was the runner-up in the Miss Italia contest in 2018, and was selected as Miss Congeniality. She is from Naples, and her fellow Neapolitans felt she got hosed out of the winner’s sash, but they graciously accepted the result and drowned their sorrows in three-flavor ice cream.

Paris and Milan continue to run neck-and-neck for the honor of hosting the swankiest bullshit.

“Nailea Devora captivates the audience at the YSL Womenswear F/W 24-25 Show with her daring fashion sense. Clad in a see-through top, she radiates confidence, proudly flaunting her beautiful breasts for all to admire.”

(I’ve no idea who she is, but she’s cute.)


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