About a decade ago she had breast reduction surgery. Per Wikipedia: “She was shocked after walking down the red carpet to see the photos the next day and ‘every headline be about my cleavage.'”

And yet here we are, about a decade later, and … look at the headline above. The cleave is once again impressive.

I suppose there’s not much else to write about since I haven’t seen her in anything since Modern Family went off the air. I never watched that celebrity astronaut show, which was basically Dancing With the Stars, except without the dancing and the stars. I couldn’t get excited to watch McLovin and some Willis offspring pretend to live on Mars.

I did read that Ariel thought it wasn’t a fair competition because another entrant, Lance Armstrong, was a real astronaut.

Everyone knows the guy on the moon was really Stretch Armstrong.

If there really was a guy on the moon.

If the moon is even a real thing, and not a hologram projected from a secret base in the desert.

2 thoughts on “Ariel Winter cleavage

  1. If anything that show was more like Celebrity Big Brother, except on fake Mars instead of inside a fake house. It feels like the ‘celebs’ were in on the joke at first, but by the end they were taking things way too seriously despite the fact that there was no real prize involved. The most memorable part of the show was that it was William Shatner’s best work in years.

  2. I remember watching a documentary about some British guy named Wallace who traveled to the moon…with his dog, no less…to prove that the moon is real. And edible.

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