Ash Lee – full body nudity in Couple to Throuple

Thank goodness Mr. Skin marched his minions in formation to watch this reality crap so we don’t have to.

Ash Lee showed the whole works in episode 9.


If Herr Haut is correct, that appears to be the only bush in the series. Given the absence of celebrities, I will probably never know whether that is correct. If they ever do Celebrity Couple to Throuple, I’ll be all over that shit.

4 thoughts on “Ash Lee – full body nudity in Couple to Throuple

    1. That’s fair enough, but I can never seem to find the right term for a shaved pubic mound. I’d like an accurate term that is both relaxed and sufficiently respectful. “Shaved pubic mound” is awkward and too formal. “Crotch” is accurate enough, but sounds coarse to me. I don’t want to use a slang term for genitalia, because it’s not really accurate, since no genitalia are on display in this pic.

      So I use “bush” as my fallback position. It’s not accurate, but it’s inoffensive, and people know which part of the body I’m referring to.

      1. I’d go with mound. Since there usually isn’t any grass on it in baseball.

        And it shouldn’t offend the trans community, who apparently have a non-gender-specific term for vagina. Well then again, it would probably offend someone anyway, since apparently some people argue that it’s vulva being seen, not a vagina. Mound simply might be not specific enough. Although in the thumbnail above, that’s all we see.

        And then again, mounds are sometimes used to describe small breasts in erotic literature. So in the thumbnail above, there are three mounds.

        Never mind.

      2. I understand your dilemma and sympathize. We definitely need a new word or phrase for this type of situation.

        Perhaps we could call it a “would-be bush.” As in, it would be a bush if she hadn’t shaved it (or waxed it) off.

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