Bill Maher interviewed Kanye, but won’t release the video

Maher did a two-hour interview for his podcast, but decided not to give Ye airtime for his bizarre theories.

“Bill tells us the biggest problem with Kanye is how he uses his massive platform to spread antisemitic propaganda … as BM puts it, Ye’s spreading the fertilizer for antisemitism to grow.”

20 thoughts on “Bill Maher interviewed Kanye, but won’t release the video

  1. Bill Maher was willing to do the interview in the first place, but Kanye probably said some shit that was so awful that Bill decided not to release it. He’s protecting Kanye from the consequences of his actions. I don’t believe this is Bill taking a moral stand.

  2. I think this shows more of the contradictions of people like Bill Maher who sometimes argue in favor of absolute free speech. I think Maher would happily air a program of a person (maybe interview himself) giving two hours of women hating propaganda and would then attack anybody who criticized Maher for airing the program as favoring ‘cancel culture.’

    Given this, I’m not totally sure how Maher justifies cancelling ‘Ye’ here.

    1. The real question is not whether Maher should have canceled Ye, but why Maher ever thought he could get usable footage out of a discussion with an incoherent lunatic.

      No need to come down on Maher. He has already suffered enough. He had to listen to Kanye for two hours.

      That’s not the worst of it. If I remember right, Maher gets high during his podcasts. Imagine being stoned and trying to follow Ye’s train of thought.

      1. I don’t want to get too bitter over this, but I’ll feel sympathy for Maher when he apologizes to all those he attacked on the basis of his obviously insincere arguments about the necessity for absolute free speech and maybe after he apologizes for giving air time to evil freaks like Anne Coulter.

        Bill Maher has always been a worthless sack of shit.

        1. Bill’s capable of high-level wittiness, but it’s his smug arrogance that made me avoid him in recent years. When I stumble across some of his interviews on Youtube, I have to turn them off quickly because he obnoxiously, relentlessly talks right over his guests. He even steamrolled over Dana Carvey & Streisand, two people who love to talk but couldn’t finish a sentence with Maher. His conceit is repellent, that he thinks what he has to say is more important than anyone else.

          1. The smug arrogance is why I don’t watch his show. In particular, even though I haven’t believed in God in over 40 years, I hate the way he mocks people who do believe as superstitious idiots. As I see it, I don’t have enough evidence to justify a belief in God, but I can’t prove there isn’t a God either. But I think that religion can be a source of great comfort, particularly when we lose the ones we love. I have no desire to deprive others of that comfort. On the other hand, I have no respect for people who use religion to justify attacking others because they’re gay or otherwise different from them. Although, isn’t it funny how many of the harshest critics of homosexuality get caught up in gay sex scandals? Bill Maher can mock them all he wants as far as I am concerned.

        2. Ditto. Maher is only about himself and whatever happens to be convenient for him at that particular time. Tt wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he ends up being another Dennis Miller some day.

    2. I really don’t like Bill Maher, but refusing to release the interview while claiming to believe in absolute free speech is not a contradiction. Free speech means that the government can’t punish you for what you say. It doesn’t mean other people can’t criticize you for it. Bill Maher’s podcast belongs to him, and he can have any guest on it he wants. He also has the right to exclude people from it and doesn’t have to air an interview if he doesn’t want to. That is also part of the right to free speech. As the saying goes, the 1st Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of the press; it doesn’t guarantee the right to a free printing press.

      1. Also it’s infringing on the free speech rights of the platform for taking away their own choice to choose what speech they decide to broadcast or not.

        For the nutjobs, it’s never been about ‘free speech’ – its been about letting their views infect the time, server space, internet bandwidth, and work effort of others to promote their lies. No different than someone coming in their front yard and staking a claim on their property with a sign that they don’t agree with, but they demand that of others.

        Nothing more than entitlement issues from a large group of people who haven’t graduated beyond kindergarten level mentalities of flailing and throwing a fit they’re not getting attention for their lies. Then blame ‘cancel culture’ for not coddling and promoting their lies, as if the entire world has to nod their heads and respect their uneducated ignorant asses.

      2. There is no contradiction in the way I framed it, true. But, that was a poor choice of words on my part. I meant to refer to ‘cancel culture’ not just absolutist free speech.

  3. West is a well known Jew hater and dangerous nutcase. Yet Bill acts surprised. So why do the interview in the first place? If he seriously expected a releasable interview from a 2-hour convo, he’s as crazy as West. Even Dahmer, Manson, & O.J. gave better interviews than West.

    1. I’m not fan of rappers, West either, I think I’ve heard like one song of his in my whole life and I plan on keeping it that way. But the only way to come away with acting as West’s points are incoherent or “crazy” is if you dislike him in the first place and don’t actually listen to what he was saying, but instead read cherry picked bullshit by tabloids.

      Also “jew-hater” being utilized against him speaks for itself. It’s quite funny how much people’s thinking has been reduced to merely yelling “heresy” and moral emotivism. Contrast that w/ enlightenment narratives of humans and you’re in for a blast.

  4. I’m not sure why anyone would want to listen to that racist asshole for two hours. Or Kanye, for that matter.

    1. Not everyone respects lib heresies. Dissent has always existed and will always exist no matter how many witches get hunted.

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