Brenda Strong in the first episode of Unprisoned

She looks pretty fantastic for a woman in her 60s!

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She has done two other nude scenes that I know of:

Undercurrent (1998)

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Skin Deep (1989)

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If you’re scoring at home, that’s 34 years between her first nude scene and her last.

3 thoughts on “Brenda Strong in the first episode of Unprisoned

  1. Would upvote were that a thing here. She’s a longtime fave.

    And no, not news to me. I watched the first few episodes of this show before giving up on it. This scene is right at the start of episode 1. I believe an opening credit was cropped out of this frame.

    At the time, I argued Brenda wasn’t wearing a merkin. On the grounds that what’s still visible meant the merkin was not protecting the actor’s modesty in any meaningful way.

  2. Holy shit! Didn’t expect her to be doing any more nudity but very happy she has.

    Strong has said that she was breastfeeding her child when she made her first appearance on Seinfeld as Elaine’s braless nemesis, so her breasts where at their peak size and for her subsequent appearances she had to be covered up because they’d reduced significantly. She’s always been a tall, beautiful woman anyway.

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