Cynthia Dale naked in The Boy in Blue (1986)

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This was about 99% of her career nudity. Two years earlier she appeared topless for a few frames in Heavenly Bodies.

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3 thoughts on “Cynthia Dale naked in The Boy in Blue (1986)

  1. Her older sister Jennifer Dale was more fond of ditching her clothes in movies. Just off the top of my head, she was topless in Stone Cold Dead, Suzanne, and Separate Vacation.

  2. I always thought she was adorable, but she vanished, despite being a scream queen for My Bloody Valentine. Hasn’t shown up at cons or anything. So I looked her up just now.

    She’s still acting at 63, became a huge Canadian TV star. Looks fantastic. Married a massive Canadian TV news anchor 25 years ago, still married.

    Has the absolute worst real last name in history: Ciurluini. No wonder she changed it.

    But yeah, late 80s she switched to TV and became the lead on some massive hit legal show for six or seven seasons, and away we go. Never looked back, only did one movie role in 2008.

    1. She was on the Canadian legal show Street Legal from 1987-1994.

      That and Da Vinci’s Inquest were the two big Canadian legal series. Da Vinci’s Inquest was based on the real life coroner Larry Campbell who was mayor of Vancouver from 2002-2005 (all cities in British Columbia had 3 year municipal office terms at the time.)

      After Larry Campbell was elected mayor the T.V show followed along as Da Vinci’s City Hall.

      Larry Campbell himself was bored as mayor especially with all the public hearings and did not run for reelection but jumped at the offer of a Canadian Senate appointment by then Prime Minister Paul Martin. The T.V series did not follow along.

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