Katarzina Figura: rear nude in “Kingsajz” (1987)

AKA “Kigsize”

She’s kind of the Gulliver in this scene, as a pseudo-Lilliputian crawls over her.

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You Americans may not be aware of her, or you may vaguely remember her from Robert Altman’s Ready-to-Wear, in which she briefly bared her bottom. The curvy actress is an absolute legend in Polish cinema, having done some of the sexiest scenes of the past several decades. I don’t have the time at this moment to cover her entire nudography, but here are some of her classic frontals:

1987 – Pociag do Hollywood

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1995 – Wrzeciono Czasu

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1996 – Self-Portrait With a Lover

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2006 – Dead Man’s Bounty

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She’s in her sixties now and still acting. She looks very different these days, so I don’t think there will be any more nude scenes. No need. She has done her share and then some. Her role in Self-Portrait is one of the greatest nude performances of all time, but she’s done many others approximately as impressive.

In that recent photo, she looks exactly like my paternal grandmother. Jeez, I wonder if my busia was hot when she was young! Hard to imagine.

2 thoughts on “Katarzina Figura: rear nude in “Kingsajz” (1987)

  1. Amazing body, especially her rack.

    I recognize her from “The Pianist.” She’s the neighbor who identifies Adrien Brody as a Jew in hiding. Her yelling was memorably terrifying.

  2. Long time ago in VHS days I rented the Hollywood thing. Damn near made my eyeballs pop out.

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