Sandy Gore in That Lady From Peking (1970)

Here’s a rarity: captures from a version of the film that currently seems unavailable.

Captures and comments from Johnny Moronic:

That Lady from Peking

Another movie from the American director of Color Me Dead (1969) and It Takes All Kinds (1969), who made another B-grade movie for American audiences starring American actors Carl Betz, Nancy Kwan and singer Bobby Rydell. This time it’s a spy thriller with an East Asian angle.

Interestingly, in the versions available online there’s a scene where Australian actress Sandy Gore is in the bath but there’s some very dramatic edits in the scene heavily suggesting something was cut out. Thankfully Ozmovies has posted pics from an uncut version of the movie where we see Sandy’s breasts and bottom. I collected a few pics (below), but that is all that’s available at the moment.

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I’m generally surprised to see Sandy in a nude scene, as I can’t remember her having any such scenes in the many things I’ve seen her in. She still turns up fairly regularly in TV and movies.

Hopefully the uncut version can be found.

Scoop’s notes:

Carl Betz was a huge TV star at one time. He played Donna Reed’s husband in hundreds of episodes of The Donna Reed Show, and was then the titular Judd in Judd for the Defense.

Bobby Rydell was a popular singer in the USA in the interim between Elvis’s departure for the service and the Beatles breaking through. Rydell’s big hits all came in 1959 and 1960, while Elvis was a G.I. (Pop music was not especially distinguished in that period. Everyone was looking for the messiah, but there were mostly false prophets. Rydell was one of several who broke through in Elvis’s absence. Neil Sedaka, Frankie Avalon and Paul Anka were also members of that club.)

Obviously Betz and Rydell had both fallen from their earlier, loftier perches if they were reduced to appearing in crap like this.

Director Eddie Davis made three films in Oz, as noted by Johnny, but all of them starred B-list American TV actors instead of Aussies, so he was obviously making them primarily for the American market. His stars included Tom Tryon, Carolyn Jones, Robert Lansing, Sid Melton and Barry Sullivan. His “name recognition” ploy didn’t seem to work, in that these films have basically escaped notice from then until now. The director’s post-Australia life is kind of a mystery. The film covered above seems to be his final credit, although he lived another 16 years. I don’t know the explanation.

5 thoughts on “Sandy Gore in That Lady From Peking (1970)

  1. He was one of those prefab Philadelphia created (think Dick Clark) “teen idols”.
    Him, Frankie Avalon, Fabian. Not a real rocker in the bunch.

    1. At least Sedaka turned out to be a halfway-decent songwriter. Extra credit for “The Immigrant,” where he supported John Lennon’s efforts to avoid deportation.

      1. Sedaka was a New Yorker and talented. Also, If I remember right a classmate of Carole King.

  2. Speaking of Elvis, Bobby Rydell co-starred in the musical film Bye, Bye Birdie, which was a send-up of the craziness that came from Elvis being drafted. He played the high school boyfriend of one Ann-Margret, in what proved to be her breakout role.

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