4K upgrade: Sydney Sweeney and Charlee Fraser in Anyone But You (2023)

La Syd’s left nipple:

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And a clear look at her ass crack:

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Charlee Fraser looks fan-fucking-tastic with her top off!

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Feb 9th UPDATE: Anyone But You: The Valentine’s Edition is the same movie as the original theatrical release, but has four minutes of “behind-the-scenes” footage tacked on at the end. (No additional nudity.)

27 thoughts on “4K upgrade: Sydney Sweeney and Charlee Fraser in Anyone But You (2023)

  1. Big thanks to the female executive that ruined this movie.

    They are larping about the “success”, too. This shit was promoted to death. I’d bet the marketing budget was higher than the actual production budget. I doubt they’ve even broken even, hence this “re-release”.

    As a wise man once said, “tits or GTFO”

  2. I thought the article made a strange comment about this film “crushing” at the box office as I didn’t remember it doing well and reviews weren’t very good. Apparently it now has the appearance of doing well because it has been in practically full release for close to 3 months, still getting about 1 million dollars a week. Compare that to No Hard Feelings which was being pulled from theaters in less than a month even though it had better ticket sales. Perhaps the strike and lack of movies is allowing this to go on and on. A lucky break for those making the film as they can claim they had a good box office.

    1. It was a bit of a phenomenon, in that it produced an unusual box office pattern.

      The film took in only $8 million in its first weekend, even though it was a four-day holiday weekend, but it increased in its second weekend, another extended holiday period. Then, inexplicably, it took more in its third weekend than in its first, although the third weekend had one day fewer.

      Part of the reason it hung on for a while is that it was a Sony release. That company does not have its own streaming platform, so it tends to milk the box office more than some of the other producers.

      But …

      I agree with you that ABY did not “crush it” at the box office. That was hyperbole.

      1. Ladies drag their dudes to romcoms, but some of the old school ones had a surprising amount of nudity: American Pie, Risky Business, Love & Other Drugs (jeezus was that 14 years ago already?) had the best views of Hathaway to date, Sossamon & the other women in 40 Days 40 Nights – even Love Actually, a movie I loathe, has Laura Linney’s tits & the body doubles scene

    2. Dan Murrell is a former writer for Screen Junkies Honest Trailers who now has his own YouTube channel where he covers the box office in his Charts with Dan show. On this week’s show, he talked about Anyone But You’s box office performance and its very good “legs.” A blockbuster film will normally do 2.5 to 3 times its opening weekend for its final gross. ABY is currently at 12.7 times its opening weekend after 7 weeks in release. Of course, it started at a much lower figure than a blockbuster. Last weekend, it dropped 25.4% from its previous weekend, earning $3,451,520, and now has a total domestic gross of $76 million.

      If you are interested in watching his discussion, he starts discussing ABY at 2.55.

      1. He kept talking about the film’s “legs.”

        Those are nice, but not the part of Syd’s body that are the real selling point.

  3. Having already seen Syd totally butt naked nothing to see here, move along …

    btw, who wears clothes in the shower? Anyone? Bueller? Rhetorical. Have a lovely day!

  4. I don’t know about you, but I have the impression that Sydney’s breasts are getting smaller and smaller. In the first season of Euphoria it was the peak, in the voyeurs they were already smaller and in the second season of Euphoria too. Now it seems to have decreased even more

    1. You can tell they’re really starting to sag. It’s no shock for such big boobs but it is really disappointing. I wonder if she’s embarrassed and her days of good nudity are behind her.

      Hopefully her absence provides more opportunities to women like Charlee, her tits are amazing!

    2. It’s quite possible she has lost some weight because Hollywood wants their female stars to be thin. That will take away some breast size and often makes these women look worse. She looked pretty perfect before.

      1. Young, fit women have very firm bodies. But those firm bodies tend to sag as they get older. That is especially true for large busted women. Unfortunately, the only thing women can do about that is to diet, which will cause natural breasts to shrink. Life isn’t fair. The answer, of course, is to date much younger women. But I haven’t dated a teenager since I was in my early 40s. Now that I am in my mid-50s and use a walker to get around (my car and back were totaled when I was rear-ended by a truck while stopped at a red light), teenagers just aren’t hitting on me the way they used to. 🙁

  5. Wasn’t really expecting anything since the previous reports were obviously sus. Charlee looks hot and has great tits from what I see, so I’m happy to see those for the first time over Sydney’s that I’ve seen a dozen (not that I wouldn’t have loved nudity from Syd, too)

  6. I haven’t done my own comparison, but some say there’s more skin in the trailer than the actual movie.

    Syd got us good this time.

  7. Sad indeed. I think that they are now trying to market this as a more standard rom-com, and they might have toned down the nudity for that purpose. But maybe there will eventually be a ‘deleted scenes’ version. A guy can always hope.

    The movie itself is getting good reviews (for what it is – not a highbrow movie, but a bit of light escapism) and my wife expressed interest in seeing it. We’ll probably go at some point over the holiday season.

          1. I have no nonsense about toning down nudity, thank you very much. I was merely hoping you were satisified with having more evidence for your particular fixation. Male nudity seems to be what you enjoy, in the sense that you enjoy complaining about it.

    1. Maybe in the olden days with DVD we’d have deleted scenes, DVD’s don’t even have extras anymore
      Saw the movie & while we were fished in, there is a good amount of Sydney in a bikini, & her jugs are so phenomenal in one dress she might as well be naked

      1. With “deleted scenes”, I was thinking more of a ‘unrated director’s cut’ with the additional scenes – if there are any – incorporated into an additional version of the movie itself, rather than a separate ‘extras’ disc on a dvd. Certainly there was some buzz that nude scenes with Sydney had been shot. I am not saying that a further release with scenes like that is all that likely – just hoping.

    2. I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen good reviews and the only reason this movie has decent box office is because it has been in full release for 3 months. It has never done much each day, but it keeps piling up over time. Most films are removed from full release in less than 1 month and most of those movies were making more money than this one. It’s probably still there because the strike pushed so many films out, the theaters are looking for anything. I wouldn’t waste 1 second on this piece of crap.

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