Turns out Mary Poppins is a bigot

‘Mary Poppins’ age rating increased in U.K. due to ‘discriminatory language’”

The objectionable word is “Hottentot.”

From context, I knew that the “Hottentots” were an African group of some kind, but I didn’t know exactly what a Hottentot was until today, and I didn’t know it was a disparaging term. There is a scene in Mary Poppins where some stuffy old fart insults the chimney sweeps by comparing their blackened faces to Hottentots. Frankly, as I listen to that with today’s ears, I think it would be offensive even if “Hottentot” were the accepted name for that ethnic group. I guess things were different in 1964, when white people could get by with all kinds of racist shit.

As the good lord intended. (Or so they thought at the time.)

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  1. I continue to be perplexed as to why people still use “Indian” to refer to indigenous Americans. It is a name created out of ignorance and has nothing to do with anyone but those of the Asian subcontinent country. Why there has never been a strong outcry to eliminate it, I can’t understand, except that native Americans have always been and continue to be the most neglected and least powerful people in the country

    1. Actually, from my understanding, unlike in Canada, many native tribes in the United States prefer the term ‘American Indian.’

      1. Also, do we have to come up with some new geographical term for the “West Indies?” Not to mention the Hoosier State?

        1. Interestingly, “Hoosier” is OK, “Indiana” is not. So they have a name ready when the pressure to change becomes unbearable.

  2. Ah yes, I don’t believe the world will be safe until we rid it all of the term hottentot. I sincerely hope this is all some Onion bullshit.

  3. I can’t even remember the last time I’d heard “the H word” until this Mary Poppins thing was brought up. It was basically dying of neglect. And now it’s back, at least until someone unearths some other best-forgotten racial epithet. Whatever.

    1. Your point seems right, but I’m guessing that there are still some places in the world where people still use “Hottentot” as a generic racial epithet, and places where they still use it to speak contemptuously of that specific ethnic group.

      But Wisconsin is probably not one of those places. I haven’t heard the word in decades.

  4. “Hottentot” is also used in one of the songs in The Wizard of Oz (1939) “If I Were King of the Forest.”

    1. Maybe the best use of it was by the great Tom Lehrer in “We Will All Go Together When We Go”

      We will all go together when we go
      Every Hottentot and every Eskimo
      When the air becomes uranious
      We will all go simultaneous.

      “Eskimo” is also considered offensive now, so one of the greatest songwriters in history, as well as one of the great intellectuals, is now officially double-canceled.

      And don’t get me started on that Shakespeare dude.

      1. Yep, there’s been a German (?) band called “Eskimo Callboy” who had to change their band name because of it. Now they are called “Electric” lol

        1. Poor me, unable to find a bottle of Clicquot Club ginger ale. You could still find it in the Northeast when I was a kid.

          There are not many of us left who remember the Clicquot Club Eskimos

          image host

          … or the logo for the ginger ale (a little Alaskan kid).

          image host

          As they said in their print ads, “It’s pronounced Klee-Ko.”

          1. They were the first band to record “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” (1934). That song, and “Winter Wonderland,” from the same year, were the first big holiday hits from Tin Pan Alley, and opened the floodgates for the likes of “White Christmas,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” and so on.

            According to Wikipedia, they stopped making the ginger ale in the 1960’s. And Eskimo Pies became Edy’s Pies in 2021.

  5. I first heard the term in the early 80s, as it was mentioned in Bloom County. The dictionary definition at the time made no mention of it being offensive. Times change.

  6. “Hottentot is a term that was historically used by Europeans to refer to the Khoekhoe, the indigenous nomadic pastoralists in South Africa. Use of the term Hottentot is now deprecated and considered offensive, the preferred name for the non Bantu speaking indigenous people of the Western Cape area being Khoekhoe.”


  7. Woketards have ruined entertainment, from movies to gaming everything is sanitized and generic now, comedy is dead, Hollywood is becoming bankrupt and the only thing that keeps gaming afloat is indie stuff and the Japanese. I can’t wait until this psychotic cult is old news

    1. Korean stuff is pretty decent, but China as well has been improving considerably. In fact, they made a fairly decent adaptation of a popular sci-fi book (“Three-body”) that’s also being adapted by Hollywood.
      Also obligatory (even though I don’t watch it), but there are quite a few quality Indian movies if you can ignore the language.
      And obviously Spanish/French/etc stuff.

      1. Korea will never reach Hollywood glory days not because of politics but because of their propensity to add stupid melodrama and overacting at almost everything.

        And for me personally the sadistic nature of many of their movies and shows turns me off, I recently watched I Saw the Devil and for the life of me I can’t understand how anyone can stand this shit, it was 2 and a half hours of a boring character basically torturing another boring character

        The Chinese made some amazing stuff at early 00’s and then they fucking decided to copy Hollywood and become insufferable. I haven’t watched anything recent though because every time I try I deeply regret it

        1. Yeah, it depends on tastes (and frankly, on what you’re watching). I’m fine with overacting (I grew up on spanish tv shows + anime), but story-wise in general they tend to be quite good, I’d say they are above hollywood as is. I’ve seen quite a bit of Korean shows/movies and I can’t recall one that compares to something like the Spanish show The Boat, where every episode is over the top life-of-death type of thing, but almost no one ever dies, and lots of focus on relationship drama. But contrast that w/ El Paco or Los Serranos, and while there’s still drama in latter two, the difference is night and day.
          You’re right about some Chinese stuff, I dislike that too tbh, but they do have other stuff that doesn’t copy hollywood (like the one I mentioned)

    2. The good part is that Hollywood is literally becoming bankrupt. They cannot last losing billions every year. Of course, the AI threat of putting everyone out of a job is still very real. Oh well, the rest of this century is probably going to be pretty difficult for humanity. But if we somehow survive that, things could turn out ok. I’m an optimist at heart.

      1. The thought that life will be sweet again if I just keep on keepin’ on till I’m a hundred forty kinda stretches my notion of what optimism is good for.

      2. Whenever someone mentions being an optimist, I’m always reminded of this quote: “Time does not suffer itself to be halted; there is no question of prudent retreat or wise renunciation. Only dreamers believe that there is a way out. Optimism is cowardice. We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way.”

        1. And when do you suggest we start teaching our children this godawful worldview? Before or after kindergarten?

          1. I think mehboring’s philosophy is what people are taught in Russia, in order to keep them passive and servile. I can see why the Right would want to start teaching it here, given how they love Putin’s Russia. They probably want to start it in the womb. Unless they can figure out how to teach it to embyos, now that those are people.

    3. RIght wingers canceled some pretty funny comedy from Michelle Wolf and, I never liked Kathy Griffin, but right wingers cancelled her as well for expressing an anti Trump opinion.

      1. The reality is that most right wing cancel culture is so engrained like cancelling nudity or swear words on network television, that most people don’t recognize it as ‘cancel culture’, but it is the same cancelling as anything else.

        It wasn’t that long ago that the W. Bush FCC significantly fined the network that broadcast the NFL Super Bowl due to the horror of Janet Jackson exposing a nipple.

        All sorts of right wingers including Dennis Miller expressed OUTRAGE! at the possibility of children seeing a nipple.

        And that’s just art. It’s almost entirely those on the right who still engage in reefer madness and want to keep marijuana illegal.

        1. So, for those on the right: make a choice, either we have absolute free speech including nudity and swearing on network television and in books in schools and public libraries, or we have a system in which every group, not just right wing pseudo moralists, can ask for various art they deem to be offensive to be censored.

          If ‘we must do it for the children’ is an argument in these things, it is just as much an argument for Inuit people to want the term ‘Eskimo’ they find offensive to be censored (among other things, this term was given to them with nobody even asking them what they wanted to be called) for their children and to show to all other children that all people deserve respect.

          1. Adam, you don’t understand, DooiNG tHe weRk of gOD!!! (or silencing whatever pisses off Elon and his ilk) isn’t cancelling or censoring.

          2. To add one more point to this: that is the exact argument that marginalized groups made: there already is censorship in government regulated/owned forums (like network television and public libraries) in favor of not offending mostly right wing Christians, all they were asking was that since this principle that speech can be presume to cause harm had already been established in the United States (despite the first Amendment), that these protections from harm should be extended to them as well.

            Especially many left wing progressives agreed with that argument, and shortly thereafter, these right wingers who already had these protections for them long engrained, claimed this censorship, unlike the censorship they demanded, was ‘political correctness.’ Of course, that term got so overused, it was replaced with this term ‘cancel culture.’

            To add one last thing, in cases of private speech where these right wing groups couldn’t lobby the government, there were pressure campaigns and boycotts. WKRP in Cincinnati did an episode on this where right wing Christians tried to get John Lennon’s Imagine not played because of the line “Imagine there’s no Heaven.”

          3. For me personally, I don’t really have a dog in the race. I just want consistency and not special rights to censor things for one group of people.

            Either everything is allowed, or everything is subject to censorship in certain forums based on the logic (or whatever else) of the argument made.

            Here in Canada, we had the bizarre inconsistency of Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre arguing in favor of free speech against the government’s ‘Online Harm’s Legislation (which includes banning things similar to revenge porn) at the same time as calling for online porn sites to be regulated to ensure that only those 18 and over can access them.
            (Of course, this would likely result in these sites having to shut down, but that’s actually another matter here.)

            The Conservatives had also previously argued that ‘misinformation and disinformation is the price of free speech’ and ‘it’s not the role of government to determine the truth’ (a line that’s frequently used by especially those on the right in the U.S to defend the speech of people like Alex Jones, but when it came out that allegedly the Chinese government allegedly posted information on Chinese Canadian message forums that contained ‘misinformation’ against the Conservative Party in the 2021 Federal Election, they screamed bloody murder that the Liberal government neither prevented this nor informed them.

            So, to Conservatives misinformation and disinformation is the price of free speech, except when it’s used against them, and it’s not the government’s role to determine what is the truth, except when Conservatives claim that things posted about them are false and it’s then the government’s job to inform them.

            Of course, Poilievre and the Conservatives have such a wide lead right now that small self serving contradictions like these aren’t going to cost them the next election.

  8. Yeah I saw this yesterday lol, it’s so funny that U.K. is trying to out-compete ‘merica in being tarded. Sanitizing language only spurs innovation & doesn’t change material reality – it’s why “unhoused” is so tarded, too, but tbh when you look at who pushes for such things, it’s not a surprise that sanitizing language is the best they can come up with

    1. Wow. Showing people the respect or courtesy of being called the name they choose for themselves, and not using ones they dislike, is being “tarded”. Well, that gives me a good standard to treat mehboring and his ilk by. Surely they won’t mind being called tarded.

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