Yuka Kouri topless in the new Shogun series

New series starting today on Hulu and FX.


3 thoughts on “Yuka Kouri topless in the new Shogun series

  1. The novel had lots of nudity which was omitted in the original miniseries (the Richard Chamberlain one). The closest we got was the bath scene with Mariko, and a nude silhouette of a woman dropping her kimono.

    I hope this scene is an indicator of things to come.

    1. I highly doubt it. This is all owned by Disney. Expect the bare fucking minimum. Disney should absolutely not own the things that Fox has created. There is no synergy, Disney will only fucking destroy it.

      And no surprise, I checked and the topless scene is completely blacked out on FX. At least AMC and Paramount will leave topless in on these shows now. Does Disney think I will buy Hulu to see these tits? Fuck off Disney. Go back to the kiddie shit.

      1. I watched it on FX specifically to see if they would show it uncensored but they are still being lame. Around 5 or 6 years ago John Landgraf(president of FX) claimed they can’t show that because of advertisers, it was a lie even back then so what is his excuse now when other ad supported cable channels have done it?

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