Full-frontal nudity from Angela Olszewska in Lead Balloons (2021)

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7 thoughts on “Full-frontal nudity from Angela Olszewska in Lead Balloons (2021)

  1. Just watched the video clip and she is a very knock kneed runner,
    almost put me off her.

    1. She’s well-assembled, but you’re absolutely correct about her running style. She must have received a grant from the Ministry of Silly Walks and Runs.

      1. Maybe she thought her character would run like that. Benefit of the doubt?

        1. Yeah I was thinking about that… she’s not a trained runner; she’s a naked woman running away from what looks like police or some sort of law enforcement.

          And maybe she sustained some kind of trauma to her nether regions. Although J-Law’s character recovered from a punch pretty quickly.

          Or maybe it’s really cold so she’s trying to keep the cold air out.

          Or she has to pee.

          1. I think she’s “stage running.” Sometimes actors have to make it appear that they’re walking or running at normal speed, but are not – so they don’t arrive on their mark too soon. They have to show a lot of exertion while covering little ground. That is less common in outdoor scenes, but it can be necessary in cases where a performer must stay in frame and/or in focus, and/or arrive at precisely the same time as an object or another actor. Some actors are really good at that. (I was not one of them.)

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