Sydney Sweeney on last night’s SNL

She did a good job in the sketches, performing as well as or better than the experienced repertory players. It’s enough to warm the cockles of your heart.

Or vice-versa.

And of course, she looks like this:

pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-1of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-2of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-3of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-4of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-5of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-6of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-7of7.jpg

She’s hot as a redhead from the streets!

Collages by Penman


“Cockles” in this expressions means “chambers.” That’s one of the many definitions of the word. The OED has 12 separate listings for this word (eight nouns, an adjective and three verbs). It also lists eleven compound expressions that use the word.

The pertinent one: The fire-chamber or furnace of a brewery kiln. Derivation uncertain.

5 thoughts on “Sydney Sweeney on last night’s SNL

  1. YES! she really can act. She’s one of the few who might consider a breast reduction to further her career.

  2. I first heard the word cockles while watching Goldust stutter in the WWF. Got a good healthy laugh during that segment.

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