Shortcut to the full report for Wednesday:

The USA’s national indicators are still looking much better than they were before this week:

  • New cases are down about 18% from last Wednesday. That is the eleventh consecutive day of declines, and the 14th decline in the past 17 days
  • Fatalities are down about 10% from last Wednesday. That’s the second decline in the past three days.
  • The first decline in new cases began seventeen days ago, and the first decline in new deaths began three days ago, precisely 14 days later.
  • Hospitalizations and the testing positivity rate are flat, albeit at outrageously high levels.

It is noteworthy that both the USA’s new case rate and its new death rate are in the red zone, which means that we have to work even harder, even though we can claim some short-term successes.

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