Here is the short cut to the full COVID report for Wednesday.

Pretty much the same story as Tuesday:

The world had 7% fewer new cases than last Wednesday, and 8% fewer fatalities. The non-India portion of the world is actually doing much better than that (new cases down 18%, fatalities down 13%), but India is such a big chunk of the world total that its increases make the global aggregate misleading. Sadly, India is not yet able to rein in the pandemic. That populous country set another all-time daily high with 412,000 new cases on Wednesday.

The USA’s same-day-of-week comparison of “new cases” has now dropped for 21 consecutive days. Wednesday’s total is about 12% lower than last Wednesday, and that represents the ninth consecutive day in which the percentage of decline has been in double digits.

It’s hard to come up with anything funny about the president these days. The political scene is so dull under Biden that it’s not even fun to read the news anymore. With Trump you knew he’d come up with some crazy-ass shit every day. Dave Chapelle called him, “You hilarious, racist bastard,” which really summed up how Trump could be simultaneously entertaining and infuriating. In spite of yourself, ya gotta love it when a guy gives zero fucks and will say any outrageous, transgressive thing just to piss off his opponents and keep attention on himself.

  • Like he’d call for an end to government assistance for blind orphans.
  • Or one day he might come up with a plan to deport all dwarves. “They’re small, they’re creepy. And some, I assume, are good people.”
  • Or maybe he’d ask Fauci if it was possible to cure COVID by sticking a flashlight up your ass.
  • Or he’d make pregnant rape victims carry the baby to term and marry their rapists.
  • Or he’d bomb Denmark until they gave him Greenland.
  • Or he’d shut down the Post Office to prevent mail-in ballots. “There can be no mail-ins if there’s no mail!”
  • Or he’d claim to fall in love with Kim Jong-Un
  • Or he could pardon guys who lied under oath to cover up his crimes.
  • Or he’d ask his followers to overthrow the duly elected U.S. government.

Hey, wait a minute. Did some of those really happen in the USA, or did I dream them?

Typical grade-B movie about a professional hitman. The only surprise in the mediocre effort is that acting legend Tony Hopkins got talked into a small part.

There is a guilty pleasure for us, of course, as Ms. Cornish shows off some healthy development. I looked at two different versions of this, but they were both too dark and too grainy, which explains the look of the captures below, as well as the fact that they are in two different aspect ratios.

The larger picture on the bottom was originally shrouded in that dark blue day-for-night filter that you see in two other captures, but it was a nice enough image that I took a little time to defilter it.

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