“Apparently Lola Bunny wasn’t the only Looney Tunes character who got a major visual makeover for the upcoming Space Jam sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy. But at least Lola is still on the team! Pepe Le Pew’s makeover was a head-to-toe situation in that he was removed completely from the film.”

“Sources add that Warner Bros. planned to acknowledge Pepe’s reputation as a serial harasser and use it as a lesson about consent. The only problem is, the scene allegedly begins with Pepe sexually harassing a woman.”

Here is the short cut to the full COVID report for Monday.

Two countries headed in opposite directions:

The USA versus last Monday: cases down 15% and fatalities down 46%. That’s nearly identical to the Sunday rate of change.

Brazil was again #1 in the world in total COVID fatalities, beating the USA by an enormous margin (1,114 to 788) despite having only 2/3 of the USA’s population.