All collages and notes by Brainscan:

In Eva, Angeli Khang plays a housemaid in the home of a sexually omnivorous rich woman (the damn-near perfect Sab Aggabao). So we see Sab’s character doing another girl (Angelica Cervantes), a guy AND Angeli, in every conceivable combination. She is the original good-time-was-had-by-all.

Let me a vote for Sab as the current generation’s Filipina goddess. In years gone by, the exploitation movies of this country starred women who were natural and bountiful. But most women in movies and shows that have come out in the past few years have taken advantage of a booming plastic surgery industry. Not Sab. She goes with what comes naturally to her and the result is worthy of our deepest gratitude.

Sab’s performance in Eva is notable for what it reveals in a shower scene. You are hard-pressed to find a movie or show from the Philippines that gets an actress thoroughly nekkid; full frontal is simply not in the cards. Mostly. But there in Eva is Sab in the altogether, unblurred and unobstructed. If this is the beginning of a trend let’s count ourselves lucky.

Angeli Khang

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Angelica Cervantes

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Sab Aggabao

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It’s not time to vote yet for a couple of reasons: (1) the last two weeks of December sometimes produce epic nudity from prestige productions; (2) we haven’t done our homework.

So here’s the homework, and I think it’ll be more fun than school homework, since there will be no quiz about the Wilmot Proviso: We need to remind ourselves of what was great in 2022. The links below should help.

Here is the list so far: (Feel free to add suggestions. If you have already made suggestions not shown below, I’ll get to it in a bit.)

Adele Exarchapoulos in Zero Fucks Given
Alison Oliver in Conversations With Friends
Alyzee Costes in The Black Butterflies
Ana de Armas in Blonde
Angela Cremonte in Feria
Anna-Maria Sieklucka in The Next 365 days
Anya Taylor-Joy in The Northman
Ashley Greene in The Immaculate Room
Begoña Vargas in Centauro (2022)
Benedetta Porcaroli in The Catholic School
Brandee Evans in P-Valley
Brittany Snow in X
Carla Gugino in Leopard Skin
Cat Missal in Tell Me Lies
Cate Blanchett in Tar
Courtlyn Cannan in Swimming With Sharks
Elarica Johnson in P-Valley
Elena Kampouris in Wifelike
Eli Jane in The Way
Ella Rae Smith in Into The Deep
Emma Corrin in Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Emma Laird in Mayor of Kingstown
Emma Mackey in Emily
Emma Thompson in Good Luck To You, Leo Grande
Gaite Jansen in Leopard Skin
Grace Van Patten in Tell Me Lies
Hanna Bjorn in Clark
Isabel Harder Pagana in Love Addicts
Joanne Kelly in City on a Hill
Judy Greer in Reboot
Juliette Binoche in Both Sides of the Blade
Kang-Hae Lim in Somebody
Karin Viard in Dear Mother
Kelly Reilly in the European version of Yellowstone
Lea Seydoux in Crimes of the Future
Lea Van Acken in Sloborn
Lily James in Pam and Tommy
Lily Simmons in Power Book IV
Lizzie Brochere in American Gigolo
Ludivine Sagnier in The Serpent Queen
Maia Mitchell in No Way Out
Margaret Qualley in Stars at Noon
Marta Nieto in Feria
Maya Hawke in Therese
Mia Goth in X
Miracle Watts in P-Valley
Naomi Watts in Infinite Storm
Olga Bedrova in Freeze Dance
Olivia Grace Applegate in season three of Driven
Paulina Gaitán topless in Belascoaran PI
Shamika Cotton in P-Valley
Simona Tabasco in The White Lotus
Sophie Marceau in I Love America
Suzanna Son in Red Rocket
Sydney Chandler in Pistol
Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria, s2
Tommi Rose in A Savannah Haunting
Virginie Efira in En Attendant Bojangles
Virginie Efira in Les Enfants Des Autres
Willa Fitzgerald in Reacher
Zara Morandini in Il Re

Just in passing, I checked my stats and the nude post that got the most hits this year was Emma Watson at the beach. That one was obvious. It was the year’s biggest sensation. After that came some surprises. #2 was Emma Thompson in that Leo Grande thingy. #3 was Kelly Reilly.

Predictable. I think we all know you can have fun in Vegas, Miami, Orlando, The Big Apple, The Big Easy, and Austin.

By the way, Madison is underrated. It is a way more fun place than Milwaukee or Rochester, which are rated higher on the list. (Those are three places where I spend a lot of time.)

But the more interesting question is “Where can you have the LEAST fun?”

America’s most boring places include:

South Burlington, Vermont
Oxnard, California
Yonkers, NY
Laredo, Texas
Lewiston, Maine

In his usual eloquent way, Walker said, “We can’t blame no one.”

I didn’t make that up.

One thing we saw in the 2022 mid-terms was that the death of polls had been, if not greatly, at least somewhat exaggerated. In general, the pollsters did a pretty good job this year. In this particular race, RCP summarized the polls with 51.0 for Warnock – with a 3.7% edge and 1.7% undecided. 538 said 50.2 for Warnock, with an edge of 2.0% and 1.8% undecided. Splitting the undecideds in the same proportion, that would result in a 51.0-49.0 win for Warnock using 538’s numbers, or a 51.9-48.1 Warnock victory using RCP’s numbers.

If you average those two summaries, you get Warnock with 51.45 and Walker with 48.55.

The actual result was Warnock 51.4, Walker 48.6. That’s about as accurate as polling can ever get. (In fact it’s MORE accurate than polling can really get. Getting that close is just a matter of luck.)