It looks to me like they’re trying to take away her right of free speech, and that’s just not fair.”

That is ignorant, as usual. The Hatch Act exists for the very purpose of noting a necessary limitation on free speech as it relates to certain executive branch officials and their ability to influence elections. It provides that persons below the policy-making level in the executive branch of the federal government must abstain from “any active part” in political campaigns. Although that might seem in conflict with the First Amendment, the Supreme Court has upheld its constitutionality on more than one occasion, and has specifically rejected Trump’s “free speech” argument. The court ruled in 1973 that the Hatch Act had achieved “a delicate balance between fair and effective government and the First Amendment rights of individual employees.”

Those FBI people, Page and Strzok, who got in trouble for making anti-Trump comments during an election process, were also exercising their free speech, but free speech has to be given practical limitations in certain circumstances, and a political campaign seems to be one of those. Kellyanne can, however, quit her current job, go to work for Trump’s campaign, and then say anything she wants with impunity. The problem is not what she said, but her specific position.

Charlie presents the new French nudity for the period ending June 14

Christa Théret in “doubles vies”: n


Léa Rostain in “à cause des filles”:


Roxane Duuran in “tempus fugit”:

Camille Cottin in “Mouche”:

Alexandra Chouraqui in “Mouche”:

Lola Coipeau in “poseur”:

Noémie Bousquainaud in “groland”:

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Hickenlooper mania is on the march!

I’m already working on my Hickenlooper costume for Halloween.

The match-ups were determined by the luck of the draw:

Booker, Pocahontas, Beto and Klobuchar will go on Wednesday. Like any good sporting season, the ceremony will begin with the National Anthem and Klobuchar throwing out the first binder.

The second night will feature Hickenlooper …

… and some lesser, almost insignificant figures like Biden, Sanders, Harris and Mayor Pete. (Have you guessed that I can’t spell his last name? I know it begins with “Butt.”)

This night will also include a ringer, which could be a lot of fun. Do you recall the episode of Veep when Jonah only qualified for the second tier of candidates and therefore had to debate against Dumbledore? Well, Biden and Sanders will have to contend with their own Dumbledore – new age guru Marianne Williamson, who somehow made the cut into the final 20, even though the governor of Montana (a Democrat who won a red state) was eliminated. She will present a fascinating and possibly strange contrast to the mainstream pols.

Yeah, why did the special counsel spend all that time investigating? All Mueller needed to do was to ask Trump the dreaded direct question, as George Stephanopoulos did: If Russia offered you dirt on a political opponent, would you take it? And he would have said, as he did to Snuffleupagus in these exact words: “They have information – I think I’d take it.”

Today’s inept effort to spin his way out of it actually made it worse:

“President Donald Trump on Friday tried again to rectify the mess he made by saying he would likely accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign entity, going on ‘Fox & Friends’ to clean up the comments. Trump insisted during a meandering 50-minute interview that ‘of course’ he would alert the FBI in such a case, but only after reviewing it first, ‘because if you don’t look at it, you won’t know it’s bad.'”

The more he tries to worm out of it, the worse he makes it, because he doesn’t seem to know what is actually wrong with what he said. He doesn’t seem to grasp that the bad part is not what’s in the info, but the source itself, and the thing he needs to report is the contact, not the content.

Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana, Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts and Mayor Wayne Messam of Miramar, Fla., did not qualify, whoever they are.

The good news – my man Hickenlooper is in! I truly believe this is the year of Hickenloopermania!

The bad news – this crap goes on for two days, ten candidates each day. They have not yet decided which candidates will appear which days. Gee, I was really hoping to watch, but I think those are the days when I need to binge-watch every episode of “Dads,” but I’ll record Hickenlooper and watch him later.

These have been around a while. Maybe it is Alley Mills, maybe it is not. I vote no. Yes, it looks like her, but I don’t think she has ever done a nude scene, so I can’t help but be skeptical. If you look at the hair on the right side of her head (your left), you’ll see that the pics on the top right and bottom left seem to be identical, strand-for-strand. That certainly appears to be mischief.

Oh, she’s naked and I reckon they’re all legit, but the artist might have chosen more flattering pics for the collage.

Paolo Roversi is the photographer. Here is the story from December, 2017:

“The Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi first met Rihanna in 2014. It was at his Paris studio, the same one he has been working in for 20 years, and he made portraits of her using his vintage 8×10 format camera. The shoot was for the cover of i-D’s Music Issue in 2015 (styled by i-D fashion director Alastair McKimm), marking the beginning of the pair’s close working relationship.

Rihanna returned to Roversi’s studio in 2015 to shoot a series of images for her ANTI album campaign in 2016, shots which became the single artworks for ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ ‘Kiss It Better,’ and ‘Needed Me.’ But there were many more photographs that were never released. Now, Roversi is showing some of those unpublished images in the solo exhibition ‘Storie’ at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, as part of the Vogue Photo Festival, which runs through December 17. There is an entire room dedicated to never-seen-before photographs of Rihanna.”