“The main event, however, wasn’t perfect. The crowd seemed to be tired after six-plus hours of action and the ending wasn’t well received by fans who didn’t know the ref was counting when Rousey was pinned by Lynch or if she was even pinned at all or if that was really the way it was supposed to go. It all just seemed odd.”

Twitter was not happy with this!

Wrestling insiders say: (1) the controversial finish was unplanned; (2) Rousey broke a hand during the match.

The show ran more than seven hours. Complete results.

In a year without Cinderella stories, Texas Tech did the best job of fitting into the glass slipper. You can’t call them classic underdogs because they were ranked in the top seven in the nation before they lost their final game, and they made the Elite Eight last year …

But they just ran off three consecutive victories against teams ranked 4, 5 and 8 in the country.

So there’s that!

I love these guys, and not just because my only nephew went there. Tremendous D! They held Michigan State to 31% shooting.