I don’t know whether I really give a crap, but I don’t think Trump ever dresses like this. I think he always golfs in a white shirt and unpatterned pants.

It seemed that their winless streak was finally over. With just seconds to play, the Jets were up 28-24 against a Raiders team with post-season aspirations. The Raiders were at midfield with no time-outs left. What could go wrong?

What can you say? They are the Jets. With time for only one play, the Jets made the unusual decision to blitz. Derek Carr threw up a rainbow as hard and as far as he could throw, then said a prayer. His Hail Mary was answered about 50 yards downfield when lightning-fast Henry Ruggs ran down the pass perfectly and pulled it in securely for the winning score.

The Jets fired their defensive coordinator after the game, presumably for his bizarre blitz call.

In other Pro news:

(1) If you didn’t think the Browns were for real, consider this: they scored 38 in the first half against a good Titans team, and are now 9-3.
(2) The lowly Giants stunned the Seahawks to take over first place in their division. (OK, they are merely 5-7, but first place is first place. It gets you into the post-season no matter how bad your record is. At that point it’s a fresh start.)
(3) Your fantasy team was lookin’ good if you had Darren Waller on the squad. He received the ball about as well as a 260-pound tight end possibly can. He piled up 200 receiving yards and two TDs. It’s only the 6th time in history that a tight end has managed a 200-yard game.

This week’s NFL scoreboard

In college news:

Who cares? Same old crap. The Fab Four all ran up the scores against sub-.500 opponents. About the only interesting development will occur in two weeks when Notre Dame and Clemson get a re-match for the ACC title. If Clemson wins, both teams should stay in the playoffs. If Notre Dame wins, it would be a second loss for Clemson. That might be enough to drop them out of the top four, or it might not. #5 A&M is hoping for a miracle.

Meanwhile, Sagarin’s computer rankings indicate that both Georgia and Florida are better than either Notre Dame or A&M. True or not, that fact will not even get them a free latte at Starbucks.

“New dramatic drone footage shows the moment support cables holding up the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico snapped, sending the famous observatory that had been in operation since the 1960s crashing to the ground.”

Physicist Scott Manley gives his take (13 mins) on what apparently happened just before and during the collapse.

A very funny, underrated comedy.

The only frame not in the rated version is the one in the upper left. In the R-rated version of the hot tub scene she starts in a bikini and gets tricked into removing it.

Eurotrip is now 16 years old (gasp!), and Molly hasn’t been seen in the past six. I assume she is living a quiet, normal life somewhere.

I was interested in this, but not to vote. I don’t know enough of the choices. I just wanted to find out who and what were getting dissed these days.

While I was there, I cast my vote for The Last Days of American Crime. I’ve seen a few films in my day, and that was one of the worst, featuring a truly bizarre performance from Michael Pitt, who once seemed to have a respectable career but now seems to be headed for the unenviable status as the Grade-Z Nicolas Cage.

Once there was a great inventor, perhaps the greatest. Unlike Edison or Bell, he has never gotten the credit he deserves. He invented the woman’s swimsuit that becomes transparent when wet. Whoever he was, we owe him so much.

To be fair, we owe him less than we owe the guys who persuade women to wear these things. Now THEY are truly men of vision and genius.

Politician named after Nazi leader sweeps to victory – with 85% of the vote.

The Daily Mail article is actually pretty interesting. I learned a lot about the largely unsuccessful German colonial efforts in Africa, a subject I knew nothing about.

I think this comment from another thread actually belongs here:

Better than the Daily Mail