Man, those were the days when He spake as oft as He smote.

Note to the slow: Despite certification from The Creator of All Things, everything above is fictional, comparable to Trump’s tweets about Morning Joe. Carolyn does not exist. That is not a real Fordham report card.

Like Trump, I attended Fordham in 1966, and I still have all my report cards stashed away in a drawer.

  • They looked nothing like that. That style shown above is anachronistic. Graphics and computer print-outs were very primitive in the mid 60s.
  • There were no “minus” grades, and no D+ or F+. The only possible grades were A, B+, B, C+, C, D and F

Uncensored version here

Gretchen as Betty Page on the beach.

She’s a personal favorite of mine, and a perennial contender for the top nude performances in the first decade of the millennium.

Gretchen’s history in our annual polls:

Fifth place for Forever Mine in 2000

First place for The Notorious Bettie Page in 2006

15th place for An American Affair in 2009

18th place for season one of Boardwalk Empire in 2010

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