How could they possibly have seen that coming?

Here’s how I knew in advance that this could be a problem, and that I probably should not attend: the event is called “venom fest.”

Here’s a guideline for you:

Probably safe: jazz fest, folk fest, film fest, wine fest, Italian fest.

Probably avoid: venom fest, fist fest, guns and whisky fest


Maybe not.

We may not know which party will control the Senate until December.

The problem is that Tuesday’s winner in Georgia doesn’t necessarily get a Senate seat. Georgia law requires a run-off if neither candidate gets 50%, and that is a distinct possibility because Libertarian Chase Oliver has about 5% support and the other two guys are about tied.

People sometimes abandon third-party candidates on election day, but if a run-off is required, and if the Republicans are ahead 50-49 for the other seats, control of the Senate could all hinge on that one state, which would be the only one voting at that time! That would bring a three-ring circus and total chaos to Georgia.


Isn’t this where we came in?

Moreover, Brian Kemp is expected to clear the 50% hurdle in the gubernatorial election, so all the media focus would be on the senatorial contest. If that happens, it would mean another annoying month of political bullshit for everyone. Of course it won’t be anywhere near as annoying for us as it will be for Georgia residents, who will be bombarded with every possible form of Walker and Warnock advertising for another month. That should fill the coffers of all the media companies in Georgia. With so much at stake, the major parties will be competing to buy up every TV spot, every radio spot, every billboard, basically every bit of available advertising.

And that’s not the end of it. In addition to the top ten, Swift also has numbers 13, 14 and 15!

Nobody ever went deeper than the top five before, a record that was held jointly by The Beatles in 1964, and Drake in 2021.

Drake came very close to a sweep of the top 12 in that same 2021 week. The #6 spot went to another artist, but Drake had the other 11!

That’s a funny headline from the Onion, but the ancient Iowan seems safe for re-election to an eighth term six-year term …

… assuming he lives one more week until election day, which is probably an even-money bet.

Grassley is 89 years old and will probably be the president pro tempore of the Senate if the GOP wins. It is an honor usually accorded the senior senator of the majority party, and a position Grassley previously held. That’s largely an honorary position, but we often forget that it stands third in line to assume the Presidency behind the VP and the Speaker of the House. The current order of succession is Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Leahy. If the GOP takes control of both houses, the order of succession would likely be Kamala Harris, Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Grassley. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s not really our all-star team.

Grassley would not be an automatic selection and there are no constitutional mandates to guide the selection. The choice of the senior senator of the majority party as pro tem is merely a tradition, not a requirement. The constitution does not even require the position to be filled by a member of that chamber. As notes, “Although the Constitution does not specify who can serve as president pro tempore, the Senate has always elected one of its members to serve in this position.”

The same is true of the Speaker of the House. The members can vote for absolutely anyone. To make a radical example, a GOP-controlled House could elect Donald Trump as Speaker, which would give him a tremendous amount of power over investigations of himself and his enemies, as well as great power over the government’s purse strings. (Despite the fact that we have lionized and even apotheosized the Founding Fathers, they could not possibly have foreseen every possible pitfall of democracy.)

Speaking of ancient politicians, why did we start to elect these old geezers?

Joe Biden is the oldest man ever to sit in the oval office, and he assumed that title on the day he took office. Biden was already older at the beginning of his term than Reagan was at the end of his.

At 78 years and 61 days, he was by far the oldest man ever inaugurated, breaking the previous record by 7 1/2 years.

but …

Should Donald Trump get elected in 2024, he will break the record for oldest inaugurated, and should he live through that term he will then break the record for oldest ever to hold the office!

(And of course Biden would also break his own records should he run again and win.)

There are not many up-and-coming young political superstars. Ron DeSantis is 44, Buttigieg is 40. Behind them the ranks are thin.