Christina was nude in After Life (2010)

This scene finished in the top ten in our Top Nude Scenes of 2010. If this had been her first nude scene, she might have won the poll outright, but she was already a two-time winner (in 2003 and 2007) – and this scene is better than either of the two that won.

After being absent from the rankings for a few years, she returned to the top ten of the Best Nude Scenes of 2017 for her full-frontal nudity in Z.

After removing all duplicate and fake comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission last year, a Stanford researcher has found that 99.7 percent of public comments—about 800,000 in all—were pro-net neutrality.

This is shocking. I don’t believe it. There were actually .3% opposed to net neutrality? Does Comcast have that many employees?


The Cherokee Nation press release did not pull any punches:

“Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens.”

The Cherokee Secretary of State also pointed out that the DNA tests do not distinguish between tribes or even between natives of North and South America, so when the reports read “Native American” it might be Inca or Mapuche or any other indigenous group from South America.


Moving from lowly MSNBC to ABC didn’t really help.

Baldwin’s show pulled in a rating of .4 – on a major network

To put that in context, I once produced a cable access show that had a higher rating that that – competing AGAINST network shows.

To be fair, he had some tough competition. I think there was a re-run of My Name is Earl on one of the cable channels, and a mid-major crappie-fishing tournament on the Outdoor Channel.

But he was crappier than the crappies.

Hey, that would actually make a nice slogan for his show.

Oh, I kid. He really did get jammed by his time slot. He was competing against Sunday Night Football, which had a great match-up for a change. But even so, Baldwin’s .4 was the lowest broadcast rating of the evening. He even lost to the shows on the CW network.


Jennie was one of the pitching stars of the powerhouse Olympic team that won softball in 2004 and took the silver in 2008. They were 7-0 in the prelims both years, but in the 2008 Olympics they dropped the final game (3-1) to Japan, a team they had easily bested (7-0) in the prelims.

That 2004 team was one of the most dominating squads in the history of sports. In the preliminary rounds they never allowed a run, outscoring the opposition 41-0.

They also shut out the opposition in the semi-finals, but their bid for perfection was spoiled in the second-last inning of the finals, when their pitching ace Lisa Fernandez, pitching on no days of rest, finally allowed a run to the Aussies in the second-last inning of a blow-out victory.

Jennie Finch pitched two shut-outs for that 2004 team, then duplicated that feat in 2008, giving her a lifetime Olympic ERA of 0.00. In her junior year of college she was 32-0 for Arizona, leading them to a national championship. SI picked her as the #2 D-1 softball player of all time, behind only the aforementioned Lisa Fernandez.