At 5.1, it’s kind of an underrated comedy at IMDb. OK, it’s dumb, and some of the jokes fall flat. So? I found it both sexy and funny, which is about all you want when you rent this kind of movie. I’m pretty sure that people preparing to watch a film called Sex Tape are not the same ones rushing to IMDb to deconstruct The Seventh Seal.

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There is also some very entertaining and spectacularly athletic nudity from Cam’s stunt double.

Oh, my God, I just re-read this and realized that I used the term “deconstruct.” The horror! The next thing you know I’ll be thanking people for joining me on my life’s “journey.”

I didn’t know this in a trivia contest. The man was Dan Bankhead, who made four relief appearances for the 1947 Dodgers. (The legendary Satchel Paige was the first black pitcher in the American League.)

Although Bankhead was not especially successful on the mound that year (7.20 ERA), he did manage to homer in his first at bat, and he did get into the World Series that year – as a pinch runner. An interesting question might be: How did a guy with a 7.20 ERA in four meaningless relief appearances get selected for the World Series roster?

Anyway, Bankhead labored in the Mexican leagues in his last 13 summers in pro ball, where he occasionally managed and was fairly successful as a two-way player well into his 40s.