Well, yeah, maybe that.

Or maybe because he’s an old coot playing a young man’s game with a mediocre receiving corps.

Hard to say.

To be fair, Brady has not been bad. He leads the league in completions. He is second in the NFL in interception percentage, and is the very best in the NFL at avoiding the sack, which is impressive for an old codger who had no foot speed even when he was young (so he’s not doing that with his legs). The only weakness evident from his stats is that he is second-last in the league in yards per completion and yards per attempt, but that kinda tells you more about the Bucs’ offensive strategy than about Brady himself.

By the way, although they suck mightily, the Buccaneers are in first place in a division of ultra-suckitude (despite a 6-8 record and a point differential of minus 41), so Brady might get one more (extreme long shot) chance at the Owl.

I (and pretty much everyone else) have been playing the game incorrectly all these years.

The rule we have been ignoring:

“Whenever a player lands on an unowned property he may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price. If he does not wish to buy the property it is sold at auction by the Banker to the highest bidder.”

Note that anyone may bid, including the player who declined to buy it at face value, and there is no minimum or maximum bid. Therefore, in any sensible game, a property should be sold every time somebody lands on it. If you don’t want it, I’ll be happy to start the bidding at a dollar, so either I or someone else must acquire it. That removes most of the luck from the game, since one’s fate is determined less by lucky dice rolls than by quickly accumulating the right properties at the right prices.

Charlie presents the special December 23rd Festivus edition. Interestingly, the French word for Festivus is “Festivous,” but it is pronounced fahs-tee-VOO. (Special note to the very slow: I made that up.)

New pics 12/23 – if you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work

Happy holidays.

Aurore Delplace in “la vengeance sans visage”:


Lola Bessis in “Scred TBD”:

Doria Tillier in “canailles”:

Alix Poisson in “jeux d’influence”:

Alice Rahimi in “les nuits de Mashad”:

French version, with extensive comments

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The calendar says she’s only 42, but there must have been some hard years in there.

I’m not sure whether Kerry Katona used this picture as her head shot to audition for one of the witches in Macbeth, but I swear I can hear her cackling “laugh to scorn the power of man,” even though this is just a picture with no sound.

If you have not seen her this year, you might look at her booty pics from August, but be warned that this is not a pretty sight.

This is not a typo:

A Shanghai hospital has told its staff to prepare for a “tragic battle” with COVID-19 as it expects half of the city’s 25 million people will get infected by the end of next week, while the virus sweeps through China largely unchecked.

The number currently infected in that city is estimated at 5.5 million. Yeah, that’s right. They expect 7 million new cases in one week in one city.

After years of enforcing a zero-COVID policy, China’s government has ended its harsh anti-COVID restrictions and now seems to have no plan at all, other than to hide the numbers. Officials have currently taken a page from the Trump playbook – “If we don’t conduct any tests, the official numbers will stay low.”

This joke is currently circulating in China:

Three men who don’t know each other sit in a Chinese prison cell. Each explains why he was arrested:

“I opposed Covid testing.”
“I supported Covid testing.”
“I conducted Covid testing.”