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“Acosta’s press conference didn’t help him with ‘inaccurate,’ ‘twisted’ statements

I would love to hear an unvarnished, impartial explanation of why Acosta gave Epstein that sweetheart deal. I’m going to assume that Acosta was an honest man and didn’t receive a bribe or anything of that nature. Given that assumption, why did he cut that outrageous deal in general, and especially why did he cut it without informing the outraged victims. (A Florida judge later ruled that illegal).

In case you didn’t realize it, Epstein accepted a 13-month sentence in a private cell block of a local jail, which allowed him to be free for 12 hours per day. Basically, he was sentenced to sleep in an uncomfortable bed for 13 months, whereas a full prosecution could have landed him in a federal prison for life. And that could have been very hard time. The scuttlebutt is that guys who molest underage girls are not popular in prison.

In fact, Epstein never faced any federal charges at all. Acosta dropped them all, so Epstein only had to plead guilty to state prostitution charges with the cozy jail arrangement described above. (He also had to pay some restitution, and agree to register as a sex offender.)

One of the most shocking elements of the deal, per the Miami Herald report, was that it protected four of Epstein’s accomplices from facing federal prosecution and granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators.”

As a wimp myself, I have to say that Paul Ryan has really been an inspiration to me and my fellow spineless cowards everywhere.

The book does have a few good anecdotes:

” Trump finally gave in to signing a 2018 spending bill that didn’t include border wall funding only after Ryan agreed to give him time to build suspense on Twitter.”

As far as the “escape hatch” quote, a spokesperson for Ryan said those are the words of the author, not the former representative. “He’s been very clear that he retired because he wanted to spend more time being a father and a husband.” (Followed by suppressed laughter and muffled coughing.)

Paige Spiranac – hitting a golf ball on the range before an ESPYs Golf Event

In a nod to golf’s lore, Paige’s outfit is the same one Slammin’ Sammy Snead wore when he defeated Ben Hogan in a playoff to win the 1954 Masters.

Joking aside, here is some interesting trivia: Snead tied for 3rd in the 1974 PGA championship.

“What’s so fuckin’ good about that?” you ask.

The man was 62 years old.

Compare that to his contemporaries. Snead, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson were all born in the same year. The last time Hogan finished 3rd or better in a major was in 1956. The last time for Lord Byron was in 1947!

Wow! Talk about the ultimate “man bites dog” story.

Le Grand Orange on Thursday abandoned his quest to place a question about citizenship on the 2020 census.

He was really backed into a corner because his own people pressed the courts for a hasty decision based on the need to start printing immediately, then had to hem and haw for more time when the decision went against them and Trump tweeted that he would keep the case alive. The Supreme Court basically ruled that the administration’s reason for adding the question was, in the legalistic words of one justice, “one whoppin’ motherfucker of a lie.” OK, they actually said it was “contrived,” but whoppin’, pants-on-fire mofo is what they obviously meant. They would have said that, but Supreme Court justices just aren’t allowed to talk like Samuel L Jackson.

OK, except for Ginsberg.

But, man, would the Supreme Court be more fun if Samuel L Jackson really were the next nominee! Talk about some colorful opinions!

Anyway, the courts thus basically told Trump’s lawyers, “Look, we know you’re lyin’, but we’re gonna cut you some slack and just say you need to refine your argument. But don’t come back here with any more bullshit, or else.” The other federal judges kinda chimed in with “If you come back again, you also better be ready to explain why you lied to us about that deadline last time.”

Now Trump never backs down from a lie. His instinct is to double down and tell a bigger one. Trump’s infamous tweet showed that he wanted to pursue the case, but several of the DoJ lawyers then saw the writing on the wall and wanted out before the judges could hold them in contempt. If the lawyers continued to drag it out, it would prove that they had lied about the deadline. If the lawyers offered a new justification, it would prove that they lied about the original reasons they offered. Lying before the Supreme Court will not do wonders for a lawyer’s credibility, so the government lawyers saw that they were fucked, no matter what they did.

The administration tried one more dodge. If those lawyers were backed into a corner, how about asking the courts to add a completely new legal team? The courts saw that for the obvious scam that it was.

I have to admit that I am surprised by today’s twist. I figured Trump, being advised there was no path through the judiciary, would still refuse to lose the battle, and therefore would probably defy the courts with an executive order. After all, common sense is not normally his strong suit

In this case he fooled me and did use common sense. He showed the Supreme Court some respect. Perhaps he decided that discretion was the better part of valor in this case, since he doesn’t want the Supreme Court hostile to him. He’s going to need them on his side in the future, especially Roberts, who would preside over an impeachment trial in the Senate.

I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of this. The purpose is to round-up and deport scofflaws who have already been legally ordered to leave the country. Enforcing court orders is actually a legitimate function of the executive branch. Maybe people are just shocked that Trump is actually doing his job.

I do marvel at the stupidity of telling people in advance precisely when you are coming for them. Now I wouldn’t know about this kind of thing, but guys who are good at fighting always say to me that the real key is never to say “OK, let’s fight” or “I’m going to kick your ass,” but simply to proceed to the ass-kicking without the announcement. And above all, never say “I’m going to kick your ass by jumping you when you get off the bus Sunday,” because they will either (1) take an Uber that day, or (2) arrange to have their five toughest, most heavily-armed friends with them on the bus.

Based on that general set of principles, this advance announcement means either that the ICE people will find nobody, or they will be in danger from people defending their friends and family.