If you are a baby boomer, there’s a very good chance he was one of your idols in high school or college, and you probably remember him vividly, although he really hasn’t performed in about 50 years, with some brief exceptions for charitable causes.

In my corridor of the freshman dorms, perhaps half of the guys had at least ten of Lehrer’s songs memorized. Since we all came from different parts of the world, our slowly discovered mutual love for Lehrer’s satire was part of our bonding experience, perhaps the largest part. Jocks and nerds, intellectuals and frat boys found that they had Lehrer in common, and that led to some guys forming otherwise unlikely lifetime friendships.

“Lehrer, 92, announced Tuesday via his website that he‚Äôs effectively putting everything he ever wrote into the public domain. That means his lyrics and sheet music are available for anyone to use or perform, without having to pay royalties or deal with lawyers.”

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Ma√Įra Schmitt¬†in “Slalom”:

No√©e Abita¬†in “Slalom”:

Cosima Bevernaege¬†in “les amoureuses”:


Talulah Cassavetti¬†in “de l’or pour les chiens”:


Marilou Aussiloux¬†in “La r√©vlution”:

Isabelle Aim√© Gonzalez-Sola¬†in “la r√©volution”:

Marie Margot Meneguz¬†in “la r√©volution”:


Laura Passaniti¬†in “Boy oh Boy” “sophia antipolis” “demain nous appartient”:


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