Nearly 60 per cent of US voters would back independent candidate over Biden or Trump

Ross Perot made the mistake of being born too early and having to run against two fairly popular candidates. If he were alive now, he could probably beat these two! Come to think of it, I don’t think there is anything in the Constitution that requires the candidate to be alive.

Speaking of not being alive … I don’t remember how to do actuarial calculations, but I wonder about the odds that both Biden and Trump will be alive in November, 2024. They are both elderly. Biden looks more feeble every day, and Trump is obese. That would be an interesting prop bet for those online gambling sites.

That, including the part in parens, is actually their tag line.

Man, if he doesn’t like it, it might really be their last. Well, I guess there’s no way to know whether he’ll like it, but I suppose he’ll take a stab at it. I just hope this doesn’t turn him into a cereal killer.

I’ll bet it’s made with blood oranges.

Skipping past any additional bad OJ jokes, here’s a quote from the website, “Honey almond clusters that are made to be spooned and sipped.” The box comes with a straw.

“Visitors to the Statehouse on Thursday were met with an unusual welcoming committee: environmental advocates dressed as giant penises.”

Kind of a dick move.

Is it possible that Giant White Vermont Penis Day could somehow bring the excitement of Giant Pink Japanese Penis Day to our very shores? Well, not “shores” exactly, as Vermont is land-locked, but you get the idea. It could be the shores of Lake Champlain.

In a related story: South American ‘Penis Snakes’ Have Been Found in Florida. Back in the late 60s, I saw the famous S.A. Penis Snakes concert when Jim Morrison filled in for their lead singer.

Brainscan’s notes:

Filipina actress Christine Bermas in two very recent movies, Siklo and Moonlight Butterfly (both 2022). Folks who made these two obeyed the Scoopy Philippine Cinema Rules; they spent the money to cast a beautiful actress (a review in the Manila Times says she is 19), spent more money on superb production values and saved some of that money to buy lightbulbs, so that Ms. Bermas is adequately (one might say gloriously) illuminated.

Ms. Bermas’s acting range runs the gamut from A to B. While sport-humping, she either bites her lower lip or opens her mouth like a fish gasping for air. Or water. Oh well, with beauty like hers, who needs talent?

Moonlight Butterfly

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365 Days can be described as the Polish version of 9 1/2 Weeks or maybe 50 Shades of Grey. It’s simple-minded erotic melodrama designed to titillate. I didn’t watch this sequel because I was bored with the original, but judging from the available clips and Wikipedia, it seems uninspired. One critic said, “There’s nothing here. If you stripped out all the montages – it isn’t just sex, but also shopping, dining, and driving nice cars very quickly down picturesque mountain roads – there’s about 15 minutes of plot here, at best. For many, this will be exactly what they want to hear.”

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The full COVID update for Tuesday is here.

In the USA, cases are up 61% in the past two weeks, and there are now more states in the “new cases” red zone than out, 29 to 21. And the official numbers are probably low because more and more people are testing at home rather than heading out to a lab or clinic. Positive home tests have a way of staying out of the official stats.

The official testing percentages are creeping steadily upward. No states have re-entered the red zone yet, but a handful are getting close.

There is also some good news. COVID total hospitalizations and ICU cases remain steady, and fatalities are still declining. Only five states are in the fatality red zone.

Only one state (Kentucky) is in the red zone for both new cases and fatalities.

Kate Bosworth in “Big Sur” (2013), one of her few nude appearances.

That performance made the list of our Top Nude Scenes of 2013, but mostly because she had been so stingy with nudity before that time (and since that time, for that matter). Her scene would not normally have made our list since it usually includes 20 scenes and she finished in a tie for 23rd, but 2013 and 2014 were such impressive years for nudity that the list was expanded to 25 scenes. Those two years produced: Rosario Dawson in Trance; Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street; La Daddario in True Detective; ScarJo in Under the Skin. That is four of the top seven nude scenes of the Millennium in just those two years. (Daddario #1, Rosario #3, ScarJo #4, Robbie #7). And there were many other great scenes in those years as well.

Back on topic:

Kate showed only a bit of butt-crack in Blue Crush (2002), and a “blink and you miss it” nipple in The Rules of Attraction (also 2002), so she had basically done no nudity until 2013. In that year she did the above scene in Big Sur and a brief topless scene in And While We Were Here (below). There has been nothing since then. Perhaps she is the human equivalent of an 11-year cicada and we will see her naked twice again in 2024.

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