Yeah, I can’t imagine

I can understand that some racists would believe that. It’s difficult to believe that they would articulate it outside a trusted group of fellow racists. It’s totally incredible that a U.S. congressman would be the one doing the public articulation. I just can’t imagine anyone that clueless.

For the record:

A supremacist is one who thinks one group is superior to another. Therefore a white supremacist is one who thinks the white race is superior to others.

A racist is one who believes that one race is superior to another.

In other words a white person who is a “racist” is precisely the same as a “white supremacist,” by definition.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that might be why white supremacism is recognized as offensive.

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Since the dawn of homo sapiens, man has tried to solve the mystery of woman’s groin. After the failure of every wise man and poet from Adam to Homer to Henry Miller, who could have guessed the answer was in Fort Pierce, Florida.


As usual with these sorts of reports, the only genius in the story was exhibited by the headline writer. The story itself? Meh.