GAME of THRONES SPOILER (obviously) …

Maisie Williams got nekkid in episode two of this season’s Game of Thrones, or at least her character did, as she chose to lose her virginity to Gendry during the vigil held by the living on the eve of the great battle against the dead. Here is a sound clip (direct link). In case that link does not work, here’s the gfycat container page.

Here are some 1080 stills from the scene

Given the show’s history, there could be cgi or doubling chicanery involved here, but Maisie seems to have admitted it’s the real deal. (I think. Her comments are not completely transparent.)

For comparison, the previous pics of a topless, bethonged Maisie (from behind), taken almost three years ago.

Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 37%, and 40% feel he should be impeached.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in that second rating unless the pollsters defined “impeachment” before asking the question. I’ve found that as many as 3/4 of people don’t understand what impeachment actually is. They tend to think it means “removed from office.”

UPDATED with a Carol Lynley movie nude scene, thanks to Oz:

Carol Lynley naked

If you don’t remember her, here’s a reminder based on some obscure movie trivia.

In 1965 there were two movies released about the life of Jean Harlow, a legendary screen starlet. Because it was 1965, there wasn’t real nudity in either film. Both films were simply called Harlow, and both starred a Carol. Carol Lynley was one, Carroll Baker was the other. The Harlow actresses were not very similar, given their casting as the same woman. Baker looked as sassy as the real Jean Harlow, was buxom, and was already in her mid 30s. While Baker’s casting seemed at least superficially appropriate, Lynley’s always seemed questionable. She had kind of an innocent look, possessed an average figure, and was only 22 when her Harlow scenes were filmed.

At any rate …

Carroll Baker fled to Europe, where she did plenty of nude scenes. She was featured, often in various stages of undress, in what seemed like an endless string of awful 1970s Eurocrap movies like My Father’s Wife where she did her final nude scene at age 45. When her nudity days were over, she returned to Hollywood as a character actress. For example, you may have seen her as Dorothy Stratten’s mom in Star-80.

Baker did her last nude scene at 45, but oddly enough, Lynley did her first (and only) one at age 46, a brief topless scene in Blackout (1998). In most of her post-Harlow career, she was a minor star in the USA, primarily on television.

Either that or a really awesome episode of The Office.

“In 2007, Kemper appeared in Blowjob Girl, a humor video on the sketch comedy site Derrick Comedy. The video quickly went viral, especially after it was featured on CollegeHumor. Looking back, she now regrets doing it.”

“I really don’t like that video, and I wish that I hadn’t done it, even though I know that it’s a joke. I hate that it got sort of big, because I don’t think that it’s that funny and I don’t want that to be the epitome of my work.”

Here is that video: