This is a scene from Monster’s Ball. That was back in 2001, when Halle topped our polls like nobody before or since by taking the top two spots!

Were they actually doing the deed? I don’t know. As my hero, Dalton, would say, “Opinions vary.” Thornton has said they were “simulating” sex, but if it is a simulation, it’s a brilliant one.

Sophie Cookson looks great! (.gif)

This is a 2019 movie about a female KGB agent who spied on the UK successfully for about a half-century. She worked as a civil servant in Britain and had access to some important secrets. Joan at the end of her life is played by Judi Dench. Fortunately for us, it was Cookson who did the nudity as Joan in her youthful days.

Clorinda Fiorentino in After Hours (1985)

Did you know Fiorentino was born twice? (In both 1958 and 1960)

That’s not really so unusual.

Teri Garr was born four times. Her year of birth is listed in various sources as 1944 (Wikipedia), 1945 (Historical Gazetteer of the United States), 1947 (IMDb) and 1949 (Screen World).

And nobody knows when Mimi Rogers was born, perhaps not even Mimi. Apparently her birth records are recorded in cuneiform, and there is nobody left who can speak Akkadian.