Keep scrolling down for more and more pics and vids. I’m starting to think she is allergic to clothing.

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While on the subject of leaks, Phun is reporting the existence of two more obscure sets:

Adwoa Aboah

Joan Marie Yazze Gallegos

She is known by many names.

Per Wikipedia: “Cassandra McIntosh is a Australian professional wrestler. McIntosh made her professional wrestling debut at Pro Wrestling Women’s Alliance (PWWA) as KC Cassidy. She is best known for her time in WWE, where she performed under the ring name Peyton Royce. McIntosh also competed in Impact Wrestling under the ring name Cassie Lee.”

Unless I am seeing something incorrectly, she is wearing two heavy matching watches, one on each hand, and is also carrying a cell phone. She’s really into the correct time. Maybe they’re all set to different time zones, so she can correctly time her trades on the European and Asian stock markets.

Well, anyway … clicking on the pic will lead to a gallery of Bella in that flimsy pink top, with her assorted Rolexes and other time monitors.

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Rarely seen or captured, this is a very dark (literally and figuratively) British TV movie about murder, sexual exploitation, pedophilia and the London Blitz.

So – very cheery stuff, adapted from a story by that zany master of merriment, Emile Zola.

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Although it has never really been available in decent quality before, it’s now available to you if you are an Amazon Prime customer (for free). It will play in 1080 lines (and that’s what the above captures are), but it’s not equivalent to a Blu-Ray. On the other hand, the quality is pretty darned good, and it beats the heck out of what we had before.


This was recently auctioned off. Some details here.

Comments by Adam (aka Whitecaps):

I remember being in the local library (main branch) sometime between 1983-1985 and seeing Greta Scacchi in a nude pictorial in, I think, Vanity Fair Magazine. I believe this was a month after Elle MacPherson did a nude pictorial for, I believe also Vanity Fair Magazine. (Add: it might have been GQ Magazine. If I didn’t imagine the whole thing, I’m sure it was one or the other.)

I think a couple people have told me that my memory must be faulty because Greta Scacchi never did a nude pictorial for Vanity Fair (or for any other magazine) but this image (above) has been making the rounds recently.


Scoop’s notes:

Given that the pic above was taken in 1991, it’s not from the pictorial you remember in 1983-85.

Maybe you have the date wrong. Greta supposedly did this kinda-sorta nude for British GQ in August 1995, photographed by Rankin.