Hillary Clinton bootylicious

And Slick Willie as well. Woohoo!

One more, without President Horndog.

All due credit to Hillary. If the Presidential election had a bathing suit competition like an old-fashioned beauty pageant, she’d be in the Oval Office now. You know you don’t want to see Trump in a speedo.

(You know every possible bad idea finds its way to the internet, like a site dedicated to Presidents in bathing suits. Sorry, no Taft!)

“One of the published photos, and probably the last straw that broke the camel’s back showed the couple explicitly having sex on top of the pyramid.”

The thing that amazes me is not that they were able to have sex there, but that there is no security to prevent them from climbing the Great Pyramid at night.

These images demonstrate why Jennifer Connelly is a legend of film nudity. She was ubiquitous in our annual top twenty lists from 1996-2003, including three finishes in the top three, and two top-ten appearances in the same year.

Her nude scenes:

The Hot Spot, 1990

Of Love and Shadows, 1994

Mulholland Falls, 1996 (The top nude scene of 1996)

Inventing the Abbotts, 1997 (The #2 nude scene of 1997)

Waking the Dead, 2000, with additional nudity in deleted scenes. (#9 among the top nude scenes of 2000)

Requiem for a Dream, 2000 (#3 among the top nude scenes of 2000)

The House of Sand and Fog, 2003 (#15 among the best nude scenes of 2003)

Shelter, 2014

American Pastoral, 2016

They were both born on Dec 12, 1970, and are therefore both turning 48 today.

Madchen’s best nude scene is one of the greatest in history. In 1994, at the tender age of 23, she stripped off every stitch of clothing and was photographed from every angle in Dream Lover.

The remainder of her early career was mostly just teases: a quick flash of her booty in Love Cheat & Steal (1993, age 22); side-boobs in Bombshell (1996, age 25) and Hangman (2001, age 30). Then in 2013, after more than a decade without any nudity in her performances, she did a beautiful full rear nude at age 42, in a 2013 episode of Witches of East End, and she looked mah-velous. Those four appearances are pictured here.

Terri Garr’s only significant nudity was in One From the Heart (1982, age ??)

She (or a body double) theoretically did do a nude scene in The Moonshine War (1970, age ??), but she was so far from the camera that it might have been anyone of any gender.

Every source agrees that she was born on December 11th, but nobody seems to know for sure how old she is. Apparently she has gone full Mimi Rogers on her birth year. Her year of birth is listed in various sources as 1944 (Wikipedia), 1945 (Historical Gazetteer of the United States), 1947 (IMDb) and 1949 (Screen World). So maybe she is 69 today, maybe 74, maybe somewhere in between.

Sadly, she has been battling MS for decades and has not really worked in the past ten years.

Bess Armstrong’s only worthwhile nude scene was in The House of God (1984, age 32)

She did flash a butt very briefly in The Four Seasons (1981, age 29), but that could have been anyone. Even if it is Bess, she could have been wearing a thong.

She turns 65 today. She’s still working, still vivacious. Here she is in season two of House of Lies