A .gif of Ludivine Sagnier in “Water Drops on Burning Rocks” (2000)


She is a global treasure. The remainder of her nude career:

Ludivine’s booty in “La Banquise” (1999)

Ludivine topless in Bon Plan (2000)

Ludivine’s dark full-frontal nudity in “Les Freres Helias” (2001)

Ludivine stark naked in La Petite Lili (2002)

Ludivine Sagnier topless in Swimming Pool (2003)

Ludivine topless in “Un Aventure” (2005)

Ludivine Sagnier topless in Mesrine (2008)

Ludivine stark naked in “Pieds nus sur les limaces” (2010)

Ludivine’s ass in “Les Bien-Aimes” (2011)

Ludivine topless in “The Devil’s Double” , and her booty in the same film (2011)

Ludivine’s see-through in “Amours & Turbulences” (2013)

Ludivine Sagnier stark naked in episode 7 of The New Pope (2019-2020)

At last, a politician delivers on a promise of transparency.

“As they discussed the impact the coronavirus was having on the country, the 66-year-old politician began to remove her clothes … (She) did not realise that her webcam was still running, prompting screenshots of the mishap to circulate on social media.”

You ski a while. You shoot a few elk. Ski some more.

I’m not sure if they score it by stopwatch or by body count.

Probably both.

Reminds me of that famous song from American Sportsman, the 1960s show in which Curt Gowdy would take some time off from incompetent baseball announcing in order to enter the wilderness and do rugged, manly stuff, like bludgeoning baby seals, with a rugged, manly guest star like Bing Crosby or Phyllis Diller:

Follow me through virgin forests
Follow me to rippling streams
And if God is willing
Some elk we’ll be killing
Come, follow me

Anyway, that was a particularly prolix way to say that a biathlon star, Miriam Neureuther, looks great without her top

Hey, Jen, you could donate a lot more by auctioning a REAL nude. Just sayin’.

Nothin’ lyin’ around the house?

Not new, but worth a little nostalgia: