Marlene Mourreau Caught Snapping Topless Pics on a Giant Yacht

Very meta and post-post-post modern. It’s so post modern that it’s almost pre-modern: topless pics of her snapping topless pics of herself.

It would be more interesting if I only had some clue who she is.

Wiki says she is a French-Spanish TV presenter, erotic show actress, beauty queen and whatever. Most of her may be 49, as advertised, but I’m pretty sure the ol’ chest is not 49.

Diane Kruger naked in Troy

I wrote extensively about this film, mostly because it seemed that every other review totally missed the point.

And then after all that pretentious verbiage, the curse of my pedantic streak coupled with an improbable undergraduate degree in literature (obviously chosen before I decided to pay the bills), I ended up with essentially the same opinion as everyone else.

It just goes to show you that Trump is right. Research, facts and reasoning are bullshit. It’s character-Colbert’s “truthiness” that always wins the day.