Uma Thurman removes her shirt in Dangerous Liaisons

Some time ago I wrote that I heard people gasp with astonishment and delight when Jamie Lee Curtis took off her shirt in Trading Places, and that I had never heard that in a theater for any other topless scene. Some of this blog’s readers commented that the scene linked above had the same impact. I did not personally see Dangerous Liaisons in a theater, but I believe those reports. Uma was just 18 and looked spectacular.

That same year she also did a brief topless scene in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. It will be interesting to see how those two scenes fare if and when we get to the Top Nude Scenes of 1988.

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Imagine the shiver of delight that passed through my body when I discovered that this has actually been around for years. The 2019 edition is at least the third. I could be up for days “studying” their back editions.  Story here.