This scene from Cat Chaser (1989) is pretty great on its own, but you should see the uncensored version! It’s probably the most explicit nudity ever performed by a mainstream star. Over the years I bought three different DVDs of this movie in the hope of finding the uncensored scene in good quality. I struck out all three times. We do still have VHS versions that were captured long ago by Graphic Response, Aesthete and others.

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Way back in the 90s, Graphic-Response even made a primitive recording of the VHS tape. The quality is awful, but you’ll get the general idea. (WARNING: It is an ugly rape scene, very hard to watch.)

One commenter noted, “Here’s an absurdly in-depth oral history of the movie with some crazy stuff around Kelly’s nudity.” It’s a good read.

She gets manhandled in this .gif.


Her most recent nudity in Proxima (2019)

Her spectacular nudity in Sin City 2 (2014)

Her outstanding topless scene in the Camelot series (circa 2011)

A modest topless scene in Cracks (2009)

Her legendary nudity in The Dreamers (2004)

Eva Green in The Dreamers was our top nude performance of 2004

I chose it as the best nude performance of the milennium’s first decade

You voted it the second-best nude scene of the millennium.

A .gif of Kari Wuhrer in Vivid

This was #6 on our Top Nude Scenes of 1997, back in a simpler time. Kari did her best, the competition was ferocious back then, when even theatrical movies with name stars contained substantial nudity. What a year that was! Kari had to compete with full-frontal nudity from Heather Graham and Charlize Theron in big-budget films, as well as many other great nude performances.