Here are the results of the recent poll(s), complete with thumbnails and links to a film clip from each 1997 performance in the top twenty. Also included on the page are links to the numerical results of each of the two polls.

If you are a member, you do not need to download any of those film clips. I got each and every one of them from the members’ section, where they rest side-by-side with some 54,000 other clips and about a million pictures. After 23 years, things to begin to accumulate. I know that at least a few of you have been reading my blogs since The Fun House was a totally free site in 1995-1996. There was no Other Crap, nor Uncle Scoopy’s Ballpark, nor Uncle Scoopy’s Movie House in those days, so all that material was just mixed in with the nudes and jokes. In the very earliest days, I used to write the entire site in a character voice – as the ignorant Texan, No Bob “Scoop” Parking.  (His mom named him No Parking so he would always have an executive parking place marked with his name.) That made for a lot of good politically incorrect jokes, but I abandoned that character when I realized that people thought Scoop’s foolish and lightly racist opinions were mine, and I got tired of explaining the “unreliable narrator” concept to a gazillion offended e-mailers per day.

Back in its heyday, the F.H. used to get some 200,000 hits per day, which made it one of the busiest sites on the internet, because not many people were “wired” then. (Today that kind of traffic would be nowhere near the top.)

Anybody remember when I hit #1 among all the adult sites on the internet? Check this out:

That was not my highest volume day. One day I got 491,000 hits, but that was a year later and the internet was starting to catch up to me, so I only finished third in the adult rankings.

One more bit of nostalgia: the site was very popular with the guys at NASA, especially with one guy that they called Freddie Fartknocker or Turdknocker or something like that, who was totally obsessed with it. I’m not sure that the moniker was Freddie Fartknocker, but go with it. A couple of his colleagues called me at home (!) and asked if I could help them play a practical joke on their co-worker. The very next day, the site became “Freddie Fartknocker’s Fun House (formerly Uncle Scoopy’s)” for a couple of hours, complete with a very unflattering picture of Mr. Fartknocker at his desk, in lieu of my trademark Greek masks of comedy and comedy. As soon as the joke worked, the pranksters called me and told me how it went down, and I then reverted everything back to the normal look. Oddly enough, nobody else ever wrote in to ask what the hell was going on.

It’s been quite a journey.


Enough nostalgia.

Moving forward …

If you are not a member, you can use those file locker sites linked from Mirror Creator. I find that Zippyshare contains the least bullshit, but even with that one you sometimes have to click on the orange download box a few times before you get the result you want. (It’s not consistent. Sometimes it works on the first try; other times it gives you a bunch of irrelevant links before yielding its treasure on the third try.)

Hey, the best solution is just to sign up and get access to that vast amount of film clips, pictures and collages – not to mention back issues dating back to 1998!

Not to mention further that you will help me pay the bills!

Carla Howe has a twin sister. They both look like they could be stand-ins for Katy Perry, although Carla looks a little more like Katy. (Pictures of the twins together are linked at the bottom of this post.)

(The uncensored version of the wardrobe malfunction)

The video below shows the ol’ booty, but not the wardrobe malfunction

Here are the sisters in various stages of undress, including waxed frontals.

This is a scene from Sirens, one of the greatest movies of all time for those who like to see famous women naked. It features full-frontal nudity from Elle, Portia de Rossi, Tara Fitzgerald and others. Elle gained about 20 pounds for the role to make herself seem more like her character, a sensuous and beautiful rural tomboy.

The movie is well worth a look if you need to place one on your “to see” list. As I wrote in my review, the film would be watchable without the nudity, and the nudity is spectacular. Even Hugh Grant is good in this movie. His role called for an intelligent, but immature, man filled with false modesty. When you get right down to it, the screenwriter must have been picturing Grant when he wrote it. It’s like writing a part for a totally unfunny douchebag who imagines himself humorous, and then casting Pauly Shore.

Writer/director John Duigan has nothing else in his resume that compares to this in terms of nudity, but (to quote myself):

“Writer/director John Duigan has had some disappointing outings, but his work in the 90’s had a remarkable blend of intellect, flair, and sensuousness. I want to think that the absolutely terrible ‘Paranoid’ was just a huge aberration in his career. If St Peter asks my opinion, as he so often does, Duigan gets into heaven just on the basis of Sirens alone.

Although, frankly, we’re gonna miss this horny bastard down in hell.”

As far as I know Duigan, now 69, is still alive, although he has no IMDb credits in the past six years. Not sure what he’s up to.