Miami Dolphins fans set up a makeshift strip club in the parking lot before the game.

One wag tweeted: “Disgusting! Does anyone know when the next Miami home game is?”

Hey, it’s good to root in Miami. Outdoors at Lambeau we’re lucky to set up a makeshift igloo. I once saw some guys ice fishing in their truck bed.

And that was a pre-season game in August.

New pics 09/30 (if you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work):

Murielle Huet des Aunay in “Neige”:


Marina Hands in “hommes au bord de la crise de nerfs”:

Céline Mauge in “ça tourne à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon”:

Marie Carrour in “ça tourne à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon”:

French version, with extensive commentary

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