new pics 02/12:

Sofia Manousha in “nana et les filles du bord dr mer”:


Jenna Thiam in “les choses qu’on dit et les choses qu’on fait”:

Luna Carpiaux in “petit nageur”:

Loreyna Colombo in “arrache”:

Alyzée Bochet in “arrache”:

Elise Prevost in “arrache”:

Lucille Vignolles in “T’Es Morte Hélène”:

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Here’s some new nudity for you fans of the fantasy genre. Natalia played Osha the Wildling in Game of Thrones, and Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter films. I can swear to the former, but I had to read the latter on Wikipedia. I may be a massive nerd (I once read all the available Conan stories, and then tried to assemble a chronological biography of the famous fictional Cimmerian), but Harry Potter is too nerdy even for me.

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