Jewel Staite by TJ Scott for his “In The Tub” series (2013).

Scott has a Flickr account with many from this series, but none of the true nudes. He has produced two volumes of In The Tub, and there are two versions of each volume. Only the “special editions” have the real fun stuff.

The official verbiage:

“The ‘Revealed’ version of In the Tub will be limited to 1000 copies worldwide and be revealing just a little bit more in its additional fifty pages. As with the standard version, 100% of the profits will be donated to charity.”

Cerina’s best scenes in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

I re-watched it recently. I had forgotten that Captain America was in this, singing and dancing when he was still Cadet America.

Hard to believe this was almost twenty years ago. I wonder if this flick could even be made today.

As for Cerina, she was most recently seen as a regular in Stuck in the Middle. She will turn 40 in a couple of weeks.

I finally completed the top twenty page for last year, complete with links to film clips.

2018 was one of the greatest years in the history of our polls. Many great scenes finished out of the top 20!

For you newer visitors, and as a reminder to the veterans, you do not need to use those Mirror Creator links if you are a member of All of those clips are available to you in the archives, which is the source I used to assemble the free links in the first place. If you are not a member and would like to download clips from the Mirror Creator links, I’ve found that Zippyshare is the easiest one to use, with the least bullshit. When you get the Zippyshare link, you click on the large orange box that says “download now.” The file may or may not start downloading. It will download on one of the first three times you click there, but the exact number of times you need to click will vary. Zippyshare may open up some bullshit pages for you, but in my experience, they are never harmful ones. If your anti-virus settings don’t block them, you will be annoyed, but not harmed.

Also updated: the 24-year history of the top ten, and the top 20 search engine.

The faker made it appear that Katy’s entire breast popped out of her top, thanks to a helpful pachyderm.

It’s not real. Here is the genuine original.

By the way, Katy’s final video (below) has been watched by 2.7 BILLION people. It is one of the ten most-watched YouTube videos in history. Katy has two of the top 13. The all-time champ is that ever-annoying earworm, Despacito