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I picked these caps up from the Polish Nudografia site, but he has no previous entries from either actress, so I suppose this is a double nude debut. Bajor is 22 years old, Pinczewska 26.


Also from Nudografia:

In 2007, TVN Style made a list of the 33 sexiest scenes in Polish cinema. Eleven of them have no nudity, and two are documentaries. Here are the other 20. The titles are translated into English, probably not very artfully. If you place your cursor over the film title without clicking, it will give you another translation (if available), which may or may not be different.

Clicking on the actresses’ names will lead to their nudographies with captures. Clicking on the film names will give some info (oczywiście po polsku), but no pictures.

  1. Katarzyna Figura – “ Kingsajz 
  2. Joanna Sienkiewicz – “ Konopielka 
  3. Łucja Kowolik – “ Pearl in the crown 
  4. Grażyna Długołęcka – “ The Story of Sin 
  5. Grażyna Szapołowska – “ No end 
  6. Maja Ostaszewska – “ Transformations 
  7. Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak – “ You have to kill this
      + Barbara Wrzesińska
  8. Katarzyna Figura – “ Ajlawju 
  9. Karolina Gruszka – “ Officer – TV series 
  10. Małgorzata Pieczyńska – “ Faithful River 
  11. Renata Dancewicz – “ Colonel Kwiatkowski 
  12. Dorota Kwiatkowska – “ Thais  + Bożena Adamek + Unrecognized
  13. Barbara Brylska – “ Pharaoh 
  14. Bożena Stryjkówna – “ Seksmisja  + Bogusława Pawelec
  15. Magdalena Cielecka – “ Loneliness on the
  16. Anna Seniuk – “ Black Clouds – TV series 
  17. Ewa Sałacka – “ The Art of Loving  + Ewa Ziętek
  18. Grażyna Szapołowska – “ Great Szu 
  19. Anna Dymna – “ Epitaph for Barbara
  20. Emilia Krakowska – “ Peasants – TV series 

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We previously saw Balibar in a HD recording of her stage nudity in Bazajet (2019), some of which was quite explicit, including shaved full frontal nudity and a Full Heche.

Her nudity career spans almost thirty years. Here is the rest of her nudography:

1995- Le Crime de M.Still

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1997 – I Hate Love

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1998 – Versailles Chantiers

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2001 – Avec Tout Mon Amour

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2001 – Intimisto

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2001 – Le Stade de Wimbledon

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2001 – Va Savoir

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2002 – Toutes ces Belles Promesses

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2005 – Les Rois Maudits: Les Lis et Le Lion

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2006 – Call Me Agostino

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2008- Le Plaisir de Chanter

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Johnny notes:

Things are slowly starting to pick up with the announcement of the 10BA tax rebate which meant that people could invest in Australian movies and get a 150% deduction on the amount they invested plus only pay tax on half of the income that the movie made. This had it’s positives (more movies and jobs) and negatives (movies were shittier or just never released). We only see a small uptick in 1981.

This year is when both sleaze-masters, John D. Lamond and Terry Bourke, released their sleaziest movies, plus a contender for the sleaziest Australian movie of all, Centrespread, was also released.

I guess we can call 1981 the sleaziest year for movies in Australia.

To find the previous years in his nudity review series, just scroll down from 1981.