5 Foreign Reality Shows That Put American Ones To Shame

“Iraq’s Put Him In Bucca Punked Celebrities With Fake Terrorist Threats”

Those Iraqis are funny, funny guys! Your move, Kutcher!

“China’s Wonderful Friends Featured Celebrities Mistreating Zoo Animals”

“When Chinese producers pitched a reality show called Wonderful Friends, wherein celebrities would take care of zoo animals, it mixed three of China’s favorite pastimes: famous people, cute animals, and serious rights violations.”

A four-time Olympic gold medalist, swimmer Inge de Bruijn – shaved, full-frontal nudity (direct link, alternate link)

Update from the comments:

“For those looking for the origin of this clip it is from a series made in the Netherlands called Adam Zkt. Eva – Adam looking for Eve, series 3 episode 2. Series 3 was a VIP series and also had Kasia Dolkowska (a Kim Kardashian look-alike!) and Chaira Borderstee. I notice that there is also a similar German series coming up.”

Meira Durand in the latest episode of Tatort. (Minimal nudity)

There is nothing special about this link. It’s probably not even worth looking at unless you’re a huge Meira Durand fan.

But …. Tatort?

Here are some of the shows that debuted the same year as Tatort: The Odd Couple (Tony Randall version), The Mary Tyler Moore Show, McCloud.

Here are some of the other shows that were on the air then: Bewitched, Bonanza, Green Acres, Gunsmoke, Hogan’s Heroes, Mayberry RFD, My Three Sons, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Mod Squad.

Those shows are long gone, and most of their stars long passed from this earth, but Tatort presses on, still popular.