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As you may know from many Other Crap and Movie House posts, including today’s comments on the premiere of Fandorin: Azazel, I like to follow the Russian TV and film world, but this one is a total cipher to me. I have not seen it. I have never heard of it. I don’t know the actors involved in it. Darya Nagabina (above), like many of the people in this film, has no other credits at IMDb.

I don’t even get the title. As far as I know, “fizfak” means the physics faculty (or sometimes the physical education faculty), which seems to be irrelevant to the film’s summary at IMDb, but perhaps if I knew more about the film I would get it.

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The pictured woman answers the door wearing nothing but panties. She is a jaded sybarite who obviously takes great pleasure in making the earnest young detective uncomfortable. I just wish we could see what he’s seeing!

If you’re interested, it’s a new Russian detective series based on a very famous, very successful string of books about a Holmesian detective in the late Czarist era.

More details follow …

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