In theory, both will be complete and unredacted.

UPDATE: Apparently the whistleblower complaint will be redacted.

UPDATE: The DoJ has released its memo concerning the whistleblower complaint.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript of the phone conversation.

The Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel opinion, which was released today, says the whistleblower’s complaint centers on the July phone call between the President and the Ukrainian president, the rough transcript of which was released by the White House earlier today.

The opinion further notes that the intelligence community inspector general said the whistleblower, who is still unknown to the Justice Department, as having “some indicia of an arguable political bias.”

Even so, the inspector general determined that the whistleblower’s complaint was credible, that Trump’s actions could be a violation of the campaign finance law.

Notably, yesterday the General Counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence wrote in a letter to the whistleblower’s attorney, that the whistleblower acted in “good faith.”

I am reserving all judgment on this for now.

  • We don’t know who the whistleblower is or what (if any) axes he has to grind.
  • We don’t know how much the whistleblower actually knows. Some have suggested he or she had to rely on second- or third-hand knowledge of the events or phone calls in question.

We shall see.

September poll.

Changes since the August poll:

  • Elizabeth Warren’s momentum came to a screeching halt. In the August poll, Warren led Bernie 20-10 in the battle for second place (and the party’s left wing). Bernie has retaken the lead 18-16. That’s a massive gain for Bernie. An important key for Bernie is his overwhelming lead over Warren with non-white voters, who are so important to the Democratic base.
  • Biden’s lead over Trump widened from 12 points to 14, but Warren, Harris and Sanders all lost a little ground against Trump. All three of the latter retained a lead over Trump, but Harris’s lead is no longer outside the margin of error.

Once again, Trump is shown as vulnerable to losing the white vote to Biden. According to this poll, they are separated by less than the MoE. Once again, let me stress that no Democratic candidate has EVER won the white vote since they’ve been keeping track of it with exit polling (1972), and no Democratic candidate has even come close in this century, so it is not likely to happen.

It appears to me that the USA rates second-last among all the highly developed countries, beating only South Korea. Of course, that still leaves America in in the top thirty in the world. because it is still ahead of all the developing, emerging and undeveloped nations.

(Cyprus and Malta are ahead of the USA, but I’m not sure where they stand in the development index.)

First place overall goes to Switzerland, by quite a wide margin.

Fourteen whole days in the hoosegow? And I’m pretty sure she won’t be working in the hot sun on a chain gang. She’ll probably go to one of those facilities with tennis courts and nourishing breakfasts. Well that should scare off potential future offenders. Let’s see: the reward is that I get my kids into the best schools, and the risk if I get caught is 14 days at Club Fed. Yeah, I think people will continue to take that chance.

Supporting that position is the fact that Aunt Becky is now regretting that she refused a plea deal. She would have pleaded guilty if she knew she would basically get off scot-free.

Interestingly, Bill Macy was never charged with any complicity in the crime.

Re: Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan.

She won’t answer questions about raising taxes on the middle class, so obviously taxes will be increased. The trade-off, according to her, is that health care costs in our budget will go down more than the taxes will go up.

That may be true in general. I don’t know because I have not done the math.

But my question is this. How does this affect me? I still have income, but I also have Medicare already. So if I understand her correctly, my personal taxes will go up, but I will get absolute zero in return. In essence, I will now have to start paying for something that I already have, which was earned with a lifetime of labor.

Other working people who use Medicare for their health coverage seem to be in the same boat, and a lot of seniors still work.

Is that right, or does her plan include a tax exemption for the working elderly?

We’re not saying the trend in the UK is any more pronounced than in any other English-speaking nation. The article just references the UK because it’s from one of their tabloids. I’ll bet the percentage would be even higher in the USA.

Most popular: Jasmine, Rex, Belle

  • I believe Jasmine and Belle, but …. Rex??? Sounds like a Brit thing.

Least popular: Dopey, Goofy, Donald

Just out of curiosity, I looked this up in the Social Security database:

  • Jasmine experienced a surge in the 70s and was a top-50 girl’s name for two decades (1989-2008), but has steadily been dropping in popularity since then. It is now at 136 and has fallen in each of the last four years.
  • Rex has never been popular, but has experienced a very slight uptick since 1996. It is still unpopular, and is not among the top 500 male baby names.
  • Belle was essentially non-existent for eight decades (1935-2015), but has experienced a slight resurgence in the past three years. It’s important to recognize, however, that the name is still profoundly unpopular and has not yet cracked the top 800 female baby names.

In general, Americans are not naming their children after Disney characters. There was one exception about a quarter of a century ago, as far as I could see. The name Ariel experienced a tremendous surge in 1990 and 1991. The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, so that seems directly correlated.

Falwell’s argument is internally inconsistent. On the one hand, he accuses the article of lies. On the other hand, he says that the e-mails which form the basis of the article are his property, which means he acknowledges that they are genuine. (If they were fakes, he could not claim to own them.)

When it comes to the legal basis of Falwell’s argument, an expert the AP spoke with called Falwell’s assertions “totally insane.” 

NOTE: forwarding an e-mail could be criminal for some reason other than personal ownership or copyright. It could be construed as an act pursuing a criminal conspiracy; it could violate privilege; it could offer information on insider trading, etc. In that regard, it is no different from any other form of communication, and there is no precedent to claim that you own your communication, written or spoken. Falwell’s argument is tantamount to saying, “You can’t quote what I said to you, because I own those words.”

John Bolton offered that enigmatic and ominous promise about his service with and exit from DJT.

Bolton vs Trump – who cares? Vince McMahon did not become that rich by getting heels to face-off. Ya gots ta have a babyface.

Although I would not object if the face-off occurred in the one place where all celebrity feuds should be settled – Thunderdome.

“Demonstrating the enduring legacy of that day in 2001, here are some of the places holding observances around the United States on the 18th anniversary of 9/11.”

All too often, the term “never forget” is used to demonize some general group of people. I’m ready to remember the good guys, not the villains. I’ll tell you what I will “never forget”: the guys who took out the terrorists on flight 93, and the men and women who put New York back together.

  • The firefighters and others who lost their lives trying to do what they could. They were running toward the emergency area, not away from it, showing a bravery most of us could never muster.
  • The first responders and others who survived the process of digging out bodies from the rubble, at great risk to their own lives, not just at the time, but to this day, as they feel the after-effects of the carcinogens they had to deal with.
  • The construction laborers and drivers who spent endless hours clearing away that same dangerous rubble so that normal life could resume for the rest of us.
  • The cops who kept order so smoothly in a frightened city.
  • And even crazy Rudy Giuliani, who kept things organized, and helped us keep our chins up.

That was a group of tough, dedicated people who did their share and ours. Their contributions are what we should never forget.

No, not that one.

JOHN Bolton, who is even crazy by Trump standards.

Bolton insists that it was his idea to leave. Who’s telling the truth? Who knows, with those guys? My money would be on Bolton, just because Trump’s truth percentage is so low, but it could go either way. At any rate, Bolton is now looking forward to his new career in right-wing media, where he will earn many times his government salary.

“Mr. Bolton’s departure came as Mr. Trump is pursuing diplomatic openings with some of the United States’ most intractable enemies, efforts that have troubled hard-liners in the administration, like Mr. Bolton, who view North Korea and Iran as profoundly untrustworthy.

He spent much of the last week waging a last-minute battle to prevent Mr. Trump from signing off on a peace agreement with the Taliban militant organization, which he viewed as anathema — a deal that the president was preparing to finalize by inviting the Taliban leaders to Camp David.

Mr. Bolton urged Mr. Trump to reject the agreement, arguing that the president could still withdraw troops from Afghanistan to fulfill his campaign promise without getting in bed with an organization responsible for killing thousands of Americans over the last 18 years.”

Failing New York Times, September 10, 2019

I hate to say it, but it sounds like Bolton was giving Trump the right advice. I don’t agree with Bolton’s warmongering, and Trump is right to keep channels of communication open, but (1) North Korea and Iran are untrustworthy; (2) inviting the Taliban here for a secret sleepover so close to 9-11, without involving our allies in Afghanistan, seems like a profoundly disastrous idea.

So far: (1) He lost his majority in Parliament when one member of his party crossed over to the other side while he was speaking; (2) He kicked 21 people out of his own party when they dared to vote against him; (3) Two members of his cabinet resigned, including his own brother; (4) He was defeated in his call for a snap election; (5) He has suspended Parliament.

Parliament has also defied Johnson by passing a law requiring the PM to ask for a three-week delay if no Brexit deal is approved by October 19. “‘I will not ask for another delay,’ Johnson said. But he has few easy ways out of it. His options — all of them extreme — include disobeying the law, which could land him in court or even prison, and resigning so that someone else would have to ask for a delay. “

I am impressed that British lawmakers consider principles more important than party loyalty. It would be nice if we had American lawmakers who believed in anything at all (other than being re-elected).

On the other side of the coin, some people think that all of Boris’s defeats are part of his master plan to get a new election and a Parliamentary majority. Of course, there will always be opposing views. Many Americans argue that Trump’s obvious stupidity is just a ruse, a magician’s misdirection, tricking his opponents and the media into focusing on distractions while he does important things under the radar.

But frankly I don’t see any real hope for this Brexit process because of the Irish border. Making the matter more complicated is that the people of Scotland generally want to stay in the EU, and Scotland can eventually leave the UK if it chooses to. If that were to transpire, it would create yet another open border between the UK and the EU.

It’s a very chaotic situation. You might call it “a sticky wicket,” if you were so inclined. There’s no obvious solution that can create order from the chaos, and it can’t be done by a simple command from the “or-DUH, or-DUH” guy.

(That would be Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, yet another obnoxious blond guy with silly hair, although most of his blond hair has now become white.)

I am, however, thrilled that this seems to be the high point in history for obnoxious old blond guys with silly hair. I feel my that my time must be near! (Below – me about a week ago.)

Mr Skin reported the following:

Seberg. Kristen Stewart goes topless twice in this flick in the first thirty minutes!

The Lighthouse. There is some nudity from Valeriia Karaman (below), who is credited in the film as a mermaid. We see her topless twice at the fifty minute mark and again 18 minutes later!

Portrait of a Lady on Fire. French foxes Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel both go topless in this flick, with Noémie clocking four nude scenes in the film’s first ninety minutes!

The Whistlers. This Romanian crime caper features a fantastic full frontal shot from Catrinel Marlon just 12 minutes in.

The Sleepwalkers. Ornella D’Elía bares terrific T&A three minutes into this new Spanish drama, standing nude in a room.

Love Me Tender. Barbara Giordano goes topless in the tub at the thirty minute mark, making her nude debut in this Swiss drama!

Entwined. Greek goddess Anastasia Rafaella Konidi shows some pokies an hour and three minutes into this new horror flick before going briefly topless while morphing into a tree eighteen minutes later!

Pelican Blood. Nina Hoss breastfeeds her adolescent daughter 65 minutes in, giving us another look at her left breast 25 minutes later!

More Sharpie-gate nonsense. Ross threatened to fire the top admins at NOAA unless they disavowed their scientists’ statement that Alabama was not at risk after the president’s pronouncement.

And to make matters worse, the top administrators at NOAA then told their scientists not to tell the truth! “This is the first time I’ve felt pressure from above to not say what truly is the forecast. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around. One of the things we train on is to dispel inaccurate rumors.”

The latest:

In an email to staff, NOAA’s acting chief scientist Craig McLean credited the National Weather Service’s Birmingham office with correcting “any public misunderstanding in an expert and timely way,” in other words, disputing the president’s misinformation. Per The Washington Post, McLean said he is “pursuing the potential violations of our NOAA Administrative Order on Scientific Integrity.”

The headline sounds jokey, but the truth is quite different from what you might think. They do contain taurine, which can come from bull semen, but they use taurine that has been synthesized in a lab. PETA says Monster Energy Drink is appropriate for a vegan diet, unlike blowing a bull

Actually, this raises an important question. Can vegans blow a bull if they don’t swallow? Asking for a friend.

OK, I admit it. It wasn’t “for a friend.” I prefer blowing a bull to drinking Red Bull. It’s more fun, and also tastes better.

“The extent of the damage here and elsewhere in the Abaco Islands is so great, the work of assessing it so arduous and the Bahamian government so overwhelmed that a full accounting of the missing and dead may not be known for weeks or even months.

The official death toll attributed to the hurricane remained at 44 but there is no estimate yet of how many people are unaccounted for. The Bahamian security forces are still responding to reports of missing and trapped people, officials said, and teams of forensic investigators are still combing through the storm debris.”

The Wikipedia page for the hurricane estimates that at least 70,000 people were left homeless in the Bahamas. To put that into perspective, only 400,000 people lived in the Bahamas!