I was just glad to see there were no violent clashes between MAGAs and BLMs.

The crowds were smaller than expected. (Est: 6200) Trump hoped for a sold-out arena plus a massive overflow crowd. He and Pence were planning to speak to the overflow group outdoors in addition to the indoor arena crowd. Since the indoor arena had empty seats, there was no overflow crowd, so the outdoor speech was cancelled.

Pence’s portion of the indoor gathering probably could have been cancelled as well, given the crowd:

That pic was taken during Pence’s speech, but the arena still had plenty of available seats while Trump spoke. Example:

Attorney General William P. Barr will nominate Jay Clayton to serve as the new U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

There is a criminal investigation into Deutsche Bank currently occurring in SDNY. Deutsche Bank is Trump’s principal lender and possesses all of his financial data. Jay Clayton counted Deutsche Bank as a client and defended them in a massive money laundering scandal.

There is also an ongoing criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani, which will presumably disappear when a Trump sycophant takes over the office.

So … usual corrupt shenanigans.

Except for one thing. The current guy did not actually step down!

So … usual chaos.



Berman has cleaned out his desk. Barr and Berman seem to have reached a compromise. Berman’s trusted deputy will continue in the US Attorney position until the Senate can confirm a replacement. I assume the Democrats will delay the confirmation of Jay Clayton as long as possible

A summary. Among other things, he says

  • John Bolton opposed his decision to ban some travel from China. (Bolton had been gone for many months by that time.)
  • He has “two African-American friends and supporters” who told him about Juneteenth
  • Masks and testing are overrated in the battle against the coronavirus.
  • In fact, some Americans might wear face masks not as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus but as a way to “signal disapproval” of him.

We have streets full of angry protesters and angry cops, plus a fatal pandemic and an economic collapse. We have a leader who dismisses the health threats, wants to use the military against American civilians, and thinks the sight of protesters being tear-gassed is a “beautiful scene.” And those are just the domestic problems! So I’m kinda curious about the 8% who think things are hunky-dory.

““Trump’s Ukraine-like transgressions existed across the full range of his foreign policy — and Bolton documents exactly what those were, and attempts by him and others in the Administration to raise alarms about them.”

Nothing to see here. I’m sure that the President will issue a carefully reasoned and prudent point-by-point response, eschewing ad hominem argumentation to focus calmly on nothing but the facts.

Trump opposes renaming US military bases named after Confederate leaders

In contrast, General Petraeus wrote:

“These bases are home to soldiers who swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The irony of training at bases named for those who took up arms against the United States, and for the right to enslave others, is inescapable to anyone paying attention. Now, belatedly, is the moment for us to pay such attention.”

A better topic for discussion: I know it’s really impossible to do so, but ignore slavery for a moment and pretend these people fought for some just cause. Even if we forgive that unforgivable sin, we still have to ask, “Why did the US ever have military bases named after men who led troops against the US military?”

Attorney General William Barr said Monday that Washington, D.C. protests were so violent that the U.S. Secret Service recommended President Trump be moved to an underground bunker at the White House.


Trump denied that the Secret Service recommended he move to the bunker for safety reasons. Brian Kilmeade asked him: “Mr. President, they didn’t say to you, ‘You have to go downstairs. My responsibility’s your welfare.’ ?”

TRUMP: “No. They didn’t tell me that at all, but they said it would be a good time to go down. Take a look because maybe sometime you’re going to need it.”

Righteous stats!

Some exit polls do show that Trump got 8% of the black vote but the same polls show him with 10% of the liberal vote, so Trump did worse with black voters than he did with liberals – and you know how much liberals love him!

Also, as usual, she has her facts wrong. Romney got about 6% of the black vote, and he did so running against a black man! That was much better than the 4% garnered by John McCain in 2008.

Also, while some polls show Trump scoring as high as 8% with black voters in 2016, others show that Trump got that same 6% as Romney – not running against a black man, but against a widely disliked white woman.

And Trump pulled 0% among black women!

I just became aware of this today. I looked it up after having seen it used without any clarification in several internet articles. The fact that it is used without explanation seems to indicate that I missed the memo.

“In dozens of YouTube videos, they promise armed rebellion if the government tries to take their guns – a civil war, or Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo.” The name is spun off a Golan/Globus movie from about 35 years ago, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. That I remember. It’s basically a multi-cultural “slobs vs snobs” movie about street dancing. The plot is the usual cliche: girl’s dad wants her to study dance in Paris, but she opts instead to help some street dancers save a community center from an evil developer.

“Esper irked the White House Wednesday morning when he appeared in front of cameras to proclaim his opposition to deploying active-duty troops to respond to protests around the country — a move that many saw as a break with the president.”

If Esper refuses to carry out the orders of Mad King Don, there is always a Robert Bork somewhere, willing to take the job and do anything he’s told to do. Look for Trump to give Barr double duty as the AG and the acting Secretary of Defense, because Barr gives zero fucks about whether an order is legal or ethical.

“Derek Chauvin, arrested Friday on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, 46, was newly charged with an additional, more serious count of second-degree murder, according to court documents filed in the case.” The other three officers were charged with aiding and abetting Chauvin’s crimes. Each of them faced as many as 40 years in prison if convicted.

The Minnesota Attorney General has requested that bail be set at $1 million for each of the four former officers, court documents showed.

“Former defense secretary Jim Mattis compares Donald Trump to NAZIS, accuses him of ‘mockery of the Constitution’ and ‘abuse’ of power and slams ‘military leadership’ for taking part in ‘bizarre photo-op'”

But apart from that, he was quite complimentary.

“Mad Dog” Mattis, a hard-nosed former general in the US Marines, and once the most respected member of Trump’s cabinet, has not been critical of his former boss until now, but he made up for his long silence with some strong criticism. The president. not known for his thoughtful acceptance of criticism, fired back.

At last, a politician delivers on a promise of transparency.

“As they discussed the impact the coronavirus was having on the country, the 66-year-old politician began to remove her clothes … (She) did not realise that her webcam was still running, prompting screenshots of the mishap to circulate on social media.”

Her dad, a Civil War veteran, was 83 when she was born. Unable to read or write, she suffered from from mental disabilities and therefore qualified for federal financial support as a “helpless adult child of a veteran.”

Odd fact: At one time or another, her father fought for both sides in the Civil War.

The other half can’t imagine how that could be possible.

Bringing to mind that great folk song:

“An Irishman, I am, I am, I drinks me Irish booze …
and if you don’t like me Irish song, I’ll throw up on your shoes!”

By the way, I hate to disappoint my fellow stereotypists, but the Irish do not lead the world in per capita alcohol consumption, despite their best efforts. Pussies. They drink a lot, but not as much as Czechs or Germans. They also trail behind Lithuania and Moldova, and consume about the same amount of alcohol as the French or most Eastern Europeans.