The Cooch opined that “That poem was referring back to people coming from Europe.”

He’s right. The version on the Statue is an expurgation. I remember the original words so clearly from my lit classes.

“Give me your poor, but not really poor like in Asia or Africa or Latin America, but kind of Norway-poor.

“Give me your tired, so they may rest their handsome blonde and ginger heads within our shores.”

“Give me your huddled masses, like those guys who play rugby or Aussie-rule football, if they have at least two major credit cards and a FICO score of at least 750.”

I’m kidding , but Cuccinelli also re-wrote the poem!

Well, at least he’s forthright about being a racist.

RCP lists the average polling score from the four most recent polls. In their summary, they list the top 20, and Hicks didn’t even make the list.

The hippie chick made the list. Even fargin’ DeBlasio made the list. But Hickenlooper still has to stand behind the velvet ropes.

The ol’ Looper may have dropped out of the Prez competition by the time you read this. As of about an hour ago as I type this, it has been reported Hickenlooper is preparing to drop out and run for the senate against Cory Gardner.

Twitter locked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign account from further activity Wednesday as punishment for its sharing of a video of protesters screaming obscenities outside the Kentucky Republican’s home. The social media company will not unlock @TeamMitch unless it agrees to remove the video.”

It seems to me that Twitter is quite selective and totally inconsistent about when it chooses to enforce its terms and conditions.

4Chan and 8Chan stand behind Tucker as does the former grand wizard of the KKK, a prominent white supremacist, who agrees with the Tuck-man that there are no white supremacists! It’s all “a ZioMedia conspiracy theory.” (He should have mentioned that there are no anti-Semites either!)

A commenter on one of the Chans even urges Carlson to run against Trump in the primaries!

That makes sense. I support that 100%, but not in the primaries. It needs to be in the general.

I pointed out months ago exactly how the Democrats could defeat Trump, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to work. They should secretly finance a white male from the lunatic far right to challenge Trump, not in the primaries, which mean nothing, but as a third party candidate in the general. Make sure he has enough financing and infrastructure to get on the ballot in all the purple and red states. He should go full Jesus in his oratory, and his positions should be overt versions of all the racist and other far-right positions that Trump only hints at. This guy would not condemn “send her back.” That’s for pussies. He would make it his slogan, and have some redneck write a country song by that name! The trick, of course, would be to keep the source of his financing a secret. People have to think that the campaign is completely sincere.

I’ll bet you he would take five to ten percent of the vote in the red and purple states. That would throw all the purple states to the Dems, and maybe even swing some Red states, like Texas, that are starting to get cold feet about the whole white supremacist movement.

Of course the Dems would never do this because, unlike me, they are not sufficiently ruthless, unscrupulous and unprincipled. LBJ would have done that, because he knew how to kick some elephant ass, but the new Dems think they can defeat Trump with compassion, sincerity, healing crystals and the promise of big-time giveaways. Their debates sound like the fokkin’ Oprah show. “You get a car! You get a free health plan! You get a free PhD! Did I mention you get a car?”

Good luck with that. In the immortal words of the great Ric Flair, “If you wanna BE the man, you gotta BEAT the man.” And that hippie-socialist line ain’t beatin’ anyone. Trump eats that shit for breakfast, just before he bathes in the blood of adorable, freshly-killed golden retriever puppies.

Our hero:

Way to go Hickenlooper! Six months ago, nobody knew who you were. Now they know, and really don’t care.

(Even Bennet, deBlasio and the hippie chick are at 0.3!)

The poor Looper seems like a decent guy. He’s the kindly uncle who would slip you a few extra bucks on your birthday when your aunt was out of hearing range. I don’t suppose that’s an especially good quality in a successful politician. They’re usually a little more ruthless. If Trump were your uncle and your aunt was out of sight, he’d probably swipe your wallet, then later call you a broke loser when you couldn’t ante for the family poker game.

The good news: Looper’s logo doesn’t say which office he is pursuing in 2020, so he won’t need a new logo to run for senator or sports director or whatever comes next in his illustrious career.

Elsewhere on the page, among the people we might care about, Pocahontas has outpolled Bernie in the two most recent polls, 18-13 and 21-14.

That has to be some kind of record for ineptitude. He not only got both places wrong, but got them on the wrong days and in the wrong sequence as well!

Assuming he meant Ohio instead of Michigan and El Paso instead of Houston, the Ohio event actually occurred on the day he was speaking (Sunday), while the Texas incident happened the day before.

You have to wonder what the heck he was actually thinking of, because that’s a lot of major details to get wrong in the course of only a dozen words. It seems to me that he experiences a lot of confusion. He has also been known to talk about “eight more years of Trump,” as if he doesn’t get that whole wacky term-limit concept. He also looked feeble-minded when he told his potential supporters to “go to Joe 3-0-3-3-0,” as if he had no idea what he was actually saying. Maybe he thought “Joe 30330” was a companion piece to his favorite song, “Pennsylvania 65000.” Oh, that Joe. What a groovy hepcat!

Needless to say, some wag immediately grabbed and redirected it to his own (apocryphal) campaign.

If Joe is the best the Dems can do, you may well anticipate a second Trump term. Given that Trump is both old and obese with terrible eating habits, and therefore not a great bet to survive a second term (you don’t see many 78-year-old fat guys), the identity of his vice-president will be a key factor since the #2 has a good chance to end up in the Oval Office. Will he stick with Pence?

The same consideration affects your thoughts about Biden. He’s in good shape physically, but he seems to be slowing mentally and would be 82 years old at the end of his term if he were to be elected in 2020. The Presidency is a stressful job, so you wonder if he could make it until January, 2025, and even if he did, a second term seems totally out of the question. If he wins the general election, his choice of a running mate could be tantamount to a coronation.

Presidential candidates usually try to balance their tickets to attract other wings of their parties, but that would be a tough call with Joe. Since he is a moderate, he’d have to pick Bernie or Pocahontas to balance the ticket, but they are also elderly. At the end of a Biden first term, Warren would be 75 and Bernie’s age can best be calculated by scientists reckoning from the big bang. (He’s even older than Biden.) If Biden gets the nomination, there is zero chance he would pick Bernie, and even choosing Warren would still box them in to an assisted living ticket.

Given the poor options for the Dems, things are lining up quite well for Trump even though every major poll since April shows Biden ahead of him.

The Russian social media bots have gone crazy with love for Tulsi Gabbard

She is exactly what Russia wants in an American leader – an isolationist

However …

It appears that the surge of interest in Gabbard after the second round of debates may not have been artificially augmented by bots, at least not to any significant degree. “Twitter told Recode that its initial investigations into the matter did not find any significant evidence of bot activity amplifying hashtags around the debates.” On the other hand, an independent analysis by the Wall Street Journal disagreed with Twitter’s claim, especially as it applies to negative opinions about Kamala Harris.

Politico/Morning Consult took polls before and after the debates, and nobody moved more than the margin of error.

Only four candidates moved at all, and all moves were statistically meaningless:

  • Biden dropped from 33 to 32
  • Warren increased from 13 to 15
  • Harris dropped from 12 to 10
  • Buttigieg increased from 5 to 6

So I guess you might fairly conclude: (1) if nobody won, that’s a win for Biden; (2) if nobody generated any excitement, that’s a win for Trump.

Trump argued there is “NO WAY” that he could “be losing to the Sleepy One”

The Fox News polling group has always been quite reliable. They were the only major polling organization to get Hillary Clinton’s 2016 share of the popular vote (48%) exactly right! The 538 site gives Fox News polls an “A” rating.

John Hickenlooper Celebrates Finally Polling At 2 Percent By Urging Us To Giddy Up

Loops is on the move!

I’ll be serious for a moment. Although I ridicule Loops constantly, the fact is that I have to give him a tip o’ the Hatlo hat (there’s a reference so obscure Dennis Miller would have to look it up). He’s now tied with Beto and Booker, and nobody would have predicted that a few weeks ago.

Or ever.

Continue reading “Hickenlooper fever – catch it!”

You know things are bad when the people you hired to help you get elected say. “Please, fire us!”

Although, in all fairness, they probably don’t know which candidate he is.

The only thing I know about him is that he’s a sorta pugnacious bald dude. If Central Casting determined the role of each individual, Delaney would be the junior high football coach who also has to teach two history classes even though he majored in Phys Ed.

40% of the country agrees with Trump’s assertion that “‘Progressive’ Democratic Congresswomen” should “go back” to their countries.

Three of the four were born in America. The other did not come from “her country,” but from a refugee camp in Kenya where her family had to live for four years when she was a child.


Five years ago I would have guessed that 5-10% of Americans would support a statement like this, which is not only racist, but stupid. (Exactly which country should they go back to?)

40% !

I probably disagree with more than half of the positions Ilhan Omar has taken, and strongly disagree with some of them, but she’s an American, she certainly has the right to those positions, and she was elected by people who knew her positions and sent her to Washington to further them.

That’s a pretty unlikely group. What could they have in common? The day was October 27, 1986, and they were all honored by the Ellis Island Honors Society for different reasons, all centered around their ethnic origins, as a celebration of the American diversity symbolized by Ellis Island. Trump was chosen as a man of German heritage who benefited New York City as a developer.

An Oct. 16, 1986, New York Times article lists Trump as a recipient, with ‘German, developer’ alongside his name. ”

(Hillary Clinton has also received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.)

Hilariously enough, a Facebook meme has claimed that the society was honoring Trump for his contributions to the black community! You can’t get much farther from the truth. In reality, the Trumps’ most significant contribution to the black community was to refuse to rent to them. An undercover government agent caught the Trumps red-handed in blatant discrimination. When cornered by the feds, Trump’s manager on the scene said, “I’m only doing what my boss told me to do — I am not allowed to rent to black tenants.”

Trump has disingenuously claimed that he settled the case for “zero with no admission of liability,” which conveniently twists the intent of the actual settlement, which read “without adjudication of the merit and without any admission as to the existence or absence of liability,” and which forced the Trump organization to jump through many hoops to prove that it intended to comply with the law. In layman’s terms, the ruling was “We won’t talk about the past at all. The important thing is that you do the following in the future.”

So it’s not likely that a guy caught red-handed practicing racist housing discrimination would be given an award for his progressive racial policies!

Donald Trump and his press secretary were directly involved in discussions that led to an illegal hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign, according to the FBI. The new disclosures raise the possibility that Hicks lied to the FBI. Hicks told an agent in an interview that ‘she did not learn about the allegations made by Clifford until early November 2016′”

(In April 2018, Trump claimed that he didn’t know anything about the hush money payment to Daniels.)

By about a 2-1 margin!

Interestingly, only 30% of Americans feel the comments were not racist, but Trump’s approval rating is about 45%.

In other words, about a third of Trump’s supporters acknowledge that he is racist, and support him. (Perhaps that is WHY they support him, although that is just speculation. There is no evidence to support the position that all of those people approve of him because he is racist. Many or all may feel that they approve him for other reasons, in spite of his racism. Neither case gives me much peace of mind.)

His strong core of racist supporters, or supporters overlooking his racism, doesn’t surprise me. At one point Trump’s only issue was Obama’s Kenyan birth, and that issue was pure racism in that there was never any evidence of any kind to support it or any legitimate reason to believe it. So back then, 100% of his supporters were in his corner because he was racist. That number must be below 100% now, so I guess you could view that as progress in some twisted way.

“A November 1992 tape shows Trump and Jeffrey Epstein at Mar-a-Lago laughing, pointing, and discussing young women dancing at a party. Trump is seen gesturing to a woman and appears to say to Epstein, ‘Look at her, back there. … She’s hot.’ Epstein smiled and nodded. The party took place the same year that Trump a private party with Epstein and more than two dozen ‘calendar girls,’ who were flown in to provide them with entertainment.”

Trump dancing – quite the groovy hepcat!

I forgot that Trump had the Groucho eyebrows back then.