He did not. Chris Wallace pushed back on misleading and false claims.

TRUMP: “Now we have the 1619 project. What is THAT all about?”
WALLACE: “Slavery.”

I don’t know why Trump agreed to this interview. As The Mooch pointed out:

“Over the course of four rambling hours of interviews on Tuesday, the billionaire rapper turned sneaker mogul revealed:”

  • His party will be called the Birthday Party
  • He has never voted
  • “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”
  • He’s suspicious of a coronavirus vaccine, terming vaccines “the mark of the beast.”
  • He was sick with Covid-19 in February.
  • He envisions a White House organizational model based on the secret country of Wakanda in Black Panther.

Fine ideas. I’m subscribing to his newsletter.

Nobody really polls investors to see why they trade, so the market trends get “spun” by both sides.

Liberals claim: Investors were scared off by the massive surge in COVID cases and the unexpectedly high unemployment numbers.

Conservatives respond: Investors are terrified by the prospect that Elizabeth Warren would be the next Secretary of the Treasury. (Implied: vote for Trump to avoid that catastrophe.)

If I were Biden, assuming I got elected, I would think first about who could do the massive housecleaning required from the Attorney General. The DoJ is a travesty. The AG needs to be a workaholic, brainy, tough as nails and incorruptible. If Warren is unavailable, do the Dems have somebody else for that job? To me, that seems like the job for Warren or Tom Perez. Another question – would either or both of the Obamas accept positions in Biden’s cabinet?

Anyway, that’s just idle rambling at this point. Trump may get re-elected, of course, so the Dems need to concentrate on a good VP candidate first and foremost. Given Biden’s age, it is not unreasonable to suggest that his VP may become the president within those four years, so it must be somebody with a cool head and the policy knowledge to run the show. Warren meets the bill, but she is 71 herself, and the Dems would like minority representation on the ticket. Is Kamala Harris ready to be President, for example? Is Susan Rice? Maybe. I just don’t know.

A summary. Among other things, he says

  • John Bolton opposed his decision to ban some travel from China. (Bolton had been gone for many months by that time.)
  • He has “two African-American friends and supporters” who told him about Juneteenth
  • Masks and testing are overrated in the battle against the coronavirus.
  • In fact, some Americans might wear face masks not as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus but as a way to “signal disapproval” of him.

I should have known. He’s Dean Wormer!

His conversations are not just classified. They’re HIGHLY classified.

Trump is walking into a trap on this one. He is limiting his options to respond when the book is released. I think he will want to claim that Bolton is lying and spreading “fake news.” But he can’t do that if he insists that Bolton is revealing classified conversations. Obviously, fictional conversations can’t be classified. They must be either fake or classified, but can’t be both.

His case: Well, Obama was elected.

Not much of a case. Obama lost the white vote in a landslide in 2012. He lost to Romney 59-39. He held on to the White House because he won 93% of the black vote and more than 70% of the other minorities

Of every 100 voters in that election:

72 were white and they split 29-43 Romney
13 were black and they split 12-1 Obama
13 were Latino or Asian and they split 10-3 Obama


The strongest case that racism is deeply ingrained in the USA: in a 2016 poll, only 27% of Republicans agreed with this statement: “Barack Obama was born in the United States,” despite the fact that there was never any logic or evidence to support their belief and an overwhelming mountain of evidence of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

Let’s be honest. There’s only one reason to hold that belief, as summed up in this clip:

We have streets full of angry protesters and angry cops, plus a fatal pandemic and an economic collapse. We have a leader who dismisses the health threats, wants to use the military against American civilians, and thinks the sight of protesters being tear-gassed is a “beautiful scene.” And those are just the domestic problems! So I’m kinda curious about the 8% who think things are hunky-dory.

Nothing to it. He’ll snap his fingers like Thanos, and …

racism … gone
bigotry … gone
police brutality … gone

Just as he made the coronavirus go away “like a miracle.”

President Trump praised the use of tear gas and other force to disperse Minneapolis protesters, calling it a ‘beautiful scene’ and describing the National Guard’s actions ‘like a knife cutting butter.'”

Another bold strategy, Cotton!

Just three weeks ago, Trump had climbed into positive territory on Gallup, at +1 with 49% approval, 48% disapproval. In those past three weeks, he has declined to -18, with 39% approval, 57% disapproval. It’s worth noting that he has recovered from much worse positions in the past. At one point in 2017 he was at -25.

TRIVIA: Trump is the only President in history who has never reached 50% approval on Gallup’s metrics.

Attorney General William Barr said Monday that Washington, D.C. protests were so violent that the U.S. Secret Service recommended President Trump be moved to an underground bunker at the White House.


Trump denied that the Secret Service recommended he move to the bunker for safety reasons. Brian Kilmeade asked him: “Mr. President, they didn’t say to you, ‘You have to go downstairs. My responsibility’s your welfare.’ ?”

TRUMP: “No. They didn’t tell me that at all, but they said it would be a good time to go down. Take a look because maybe sometime you’re going to need it.”

That Mittens! What a wimp, taking an anti-racism stance. Guy needs to man up if he wants to be a true, macho Republican.

To be fair to Mitt, maybe he’s just out of practice at kicking black asses. There just aren’t many to kick in Utah. Maybe he doesn’t even realize that some people aren’t white.

“Oh, dear, are they saying black LIVES, with a v. I thought they were talking about black LIES – you know, like little white lies and big black ones.”

And yet, black people actually like Trump less than liberals do! Trump won 10% of the liberal vote in 2018, but only 8% of the black vote. Not only that, but only 13% of black Americans think Trump is not a racist. They just refuse to believe his tweets. Why, those thugs!

Has there ever been a larger gap between the way a person perceives himself and the way he is seen by the outside world?

In order to illustrate that Trump gets unfair special treatment from Twitter, one guy created a new account and simply Tweeted the exact same thing as Trump. He was soon suspended for twelve hours, exposing Twitter’s hypocrisy.

Stay tuned. He’s going to resume when his suspension is lifted, although it may not work now that Twitter is aware of his scheme.

Godwin’s Law:

“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.

Like this:

The best comment on Trump’s church visit came from Sulu:

He once again violated their terms of service, and they once again refused to ban him or block his Tweet. Instead they posted:

“This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible”

Twitter users are not taking it well that Trump’s personal account gets this preferential treatment, and are calling for him to be banned.

Note that Trump had previously referred to the heavily armed (white) Michigan protesters as “very good people,” while he referred to these unarmed people as “thugs.” He does love to drag out the racist dog whistles. Why doesn’t he just call them the n-word and be done with it.

Meanwhile, get ready for his meltdown when he wakes up!



While Trump is batshit crazy to threaten to go full Kent State on the protesters, he also seems to be correct that the situation in Minneapolis is out of control. George Floyd protesters set a Minneapolis police station afire, and protesters set fire to several buildings in the Lake Street corridor, many of them housing small businesses with minority owners. The Minnesota National Guard mobilized more than 500 soldiers to Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Related story: Twitter is also fact-checking the Chinese

Two of Trump’s close GOP allies in Congress signaled Wednesday a willingness to strip the social media giant of the special speech liability immunity it receives.”

What he doesn’t seem to have thought through is that the speech liability immunity is what allows them to have a Donald Trump Twitter account in the first place. If they become legally liable for every crazy thing he says on the platform, they would have no choice but to delete his account completely. The Joe Scarborough murder accusation, something that could not possibly be true, is the most recent example. Twitter had given Trump plenty of latitude with this because they are protected from liability, but if that protection is removed, Twitter would be legally liable for Trump’s obviously false accusations, meaning that the woman’s family and/or Morning Joe could sue them. They would basically be forced to delete his account, or at least to delete that and other legally actionable tweets.

Trump seems to think Twitter has singled him out for unfair treatment, and he is absolutely right. What he doesn’t seem to grasp is that it has been unfair in his favor. Twitter has been giving him preferential treatment for years. He has composed hundreds of Tweets that would have caused Joe Average to be banned permanently, but he has never even been given a temporary blackout.

Pompeo has claimed that he could not have asked to dismiss the IG to suppress an investigation into his actions because he was not aware of any investigation.

Except he was:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to sit for an interview with the State Department inspector general’s office as part of its probe into the administration’s move to bypass Congress and expedite last year’s $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia by declaring an emergency, a congressional aide told CNN Monday.”

He did provide written answers, so he was certainly aware of the investigation.

Also suspicious:

1. Pompeo can’t produce any alternative explanation for why he wanted the IG gone. He just babbles on about the guy being “not additive.” When asked for specifics, he disappears.

2. Pompeo has not denied any of the charges when given the chance to do so.

The inspector general who was dismissed had been investigating Pompeo for using State Department employees to run personal errands, and had been digging into the administration’s having inappropriately fast-tracked a Saudi arms deal.

“When asked whether the allegations were true, he declined to comment. ‘I’m not going to answer the host of unsubstantiated allegations about any of that,’ he said.”

Now in the history of the human race, no politician has ever passed up the chance to say “Of course not. There’s absolutely no truth to it at all.” Probable conclusion: guilty AF.