Talk about a sudden fall from grace. The Cubbies finished game 162 with the best record in the NL. After a few short days and only two games, they will be watching the playoffs on TV with the rest of us.

For the second game in a row, they could not produce any offense in the friendly confines. They could manage only five singles and a double in 13 innings. Combined with the previous day’s game, their batters went 9-for-71. That’s a mighty .127 batting average if you’re scoring at home.

They lost both games at home despite a sterling staff ERA of 2.05 and a solid performance from both starters, who allowed only two runs between them.

The New York Times found a 1983 letter written by you-know-who.

The letter goes on to say that if any girls want to spend the night, it goes without saying that they’d be “welcomed with open …. Anyway.”

Oddly enough, Kavanaugh signed the letter “Bart.” Bart is the name of a fictional character in the book written by his buddy, Mark Judge. The full name of that character is Bart O’Kavanaugh and it is supposedly based on … oh, I dunno … maybe Nelson Mandela?

Oh, Murdoch, you crafty old king-maker, even your mysteries suck. They aren’t even as good as Mike Tyson’s, and nowhere near as good as Laura’s.

Full disclosure: I haven’t seen a single minute of any of those shows. To me they are just names in the TV listings. So don’t write in to tell me the Murdoch mysteries are the best, or that they have nothing to do with Rupert Murdoch. Either I already know or I don’t care.