It’s been a tough stretch for the Prince of Darkness. At one time he was willing to challenge God himself, leading a rebellion of fallen angels in a battle for control of existence. And now? Plant-based burgers.

When that fails, he already has his next plan on the docket. His laboratories are busy, removing the gluten from everything. Yes, Satan is against gluten, that precious protein that God himself placed in our wheat.

Sophie Cookson looks great! (.gif)

This is a 2019 movie about a female KGB agent who spied on the UK successfully for about a half-century. She worked as a civil servant in Britain and had access to some important secrets. Joan at the end of her life is played by Judi Dench. Fortunately for us, it was Cookson who did the nudity as Joan in her youthful days.

Clorinda Fiorentino in After Hours (1985)

Did you know Fiorentino was born twice? (In both 1958 and 1960)

That’s not really so unusual.

Teri Garr was born four times. Her year of birth is listed in various sources as 1944 (Wikipedia), 1945 (Historical Gazetteer of the United States), 1947 (IMDb) and 1949 (Screen World).

And nobody knows when Mimi Rogers was born, perhaps not even Mimi. Apparently her birth records are recorded in cuneiform, and there is nobody left who can speak Akkadian.

Three of his pollsters are fired. Just call him Trump the Impaler

Trump has derided as “Fake News” the report than his internal polls showed him losing to Joe Biden in most battleground states. Trump said that those alleged leaked polls did not exist, and further claimed that his polls showed him winning everywhere.

When that was contradicted by a report showing the actual numbers from his polls, step two of the defense was for his spokespeople to say that the cited numbers were dated, were taken out of context, and represented a worst case scenario.

Finally, step three was to fire the pollsters for assembling the polls which did not exist, but if they had existed would only have shown a worst case scenario.

Euphoria may be the nudity star of the year, if episode one is any indication.

A clip of Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria, s1e1

A collection of pictures she took of herself within the context of the show.

Here is a short version of the bit where she removes her bra. This one has been brightened and color-corrected.

Also in the episode: Alexa Demie topless

This pic was part of a bodies-in-motion series by Jerry Cooke which is described on his home page.

The one above has appeared before (in an issue of SI), but the photographer’s home page includes another one which I have never seen, and which gives a better look at her breasts. I wonder how many more there are.

UPDATE from the comments:

There are more out there.

Vanderbilt is known for having built a fashion empire, and for being Anderson Cooper’s mother.

She was the the great-great-granddaughter of a legendary figure from the robber baron era, the railroad and steamship magnate Commodore Vanderbilt. “Commodore” was a nickname, one that was once commonly given to boat builders. In reality Vanderbilt has never in the navy. He was however, one of the richest men in American history. Most lists (summarized by Wikipedia) place him third behind Rockefeller and Carnegie.

I forget his name, Gary something, but he kept that Koepka dude from winning three in a row.

When informed of the result, his parents said, “We have a kid named Gary? Cool!”

His name is actually Woodland, and he “suffered just four bogeys all week in finishing at 13-under 271, a stroke better than Tiger Woods’ winning total in his record 15-stroke romp at Pebble Beach in 2000.”

Unless you are a pitcher.

Padres, Rockies score modern-era most 92 runs in 4-game set.”

Yesterday’s fourth game was 14-13, and that was not the highest scoring game of the series, which was the second game at 16-12!

“Colorado’s Charlie Blackmon became the first player since at least 1900 with 15 hits in a four-game series.” Blackmon came into the homestand batting .295 on June 8th and is now hitting .336. Blackmon’s lifetime batting average is .304, consisting of .350 at home and .260 on the road. This year he is hitting .450 at Coors with 13 homers, compared to .233 with two homers on the road.

Blackmon actually led the NL in batting average in 2017, by hitting .391 at Coors, .276 on the road. That shows you the magic of Coors Field, the power to turn a completely mediocre hitter into a batting champ. Blackmon’s lifetime OPS on the road is .737, and he stands at .626 this year. The NL’s OPS average this year is .747 for all players – including pitchers!